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Deadliest Catch: On Deck

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Follows the wild and dangerous life of crab fishermen out on the water.

Latest episodes

aired 6 days ago
Junior calls on chase boat rescue for the first time and Nick gets sent 20 feet off the deck despite its lack of heights; Josh and Casey hit a massive wave that knocks down Maria.
aired 13 days ago
Josh takes a big risk to keep his crew safe in the face of an enormous storm; Junior loses control in treacherous waters; Jake's greenhorn issues worsen when the toilet gets clogged.
aired 191 days ago
Josh mans the helm as Casey makes a risky ship-to-ship transfer in high seas.
aired 191 days ago
The Bering Sea takes a brutal toll on captains and crew members; Wild Bill calls the Cornelia for help; Jake confronts a disorderly crew and makes his toughest decision yet as captain.
aired 300 days ago
Co-captains Josh and Casey reach numbers last achieved by Capt. Phil; the F/V Wizard has a near collision with a vessel twice its size; an engine room issue may prevent Capt. Jake from meeting his quota; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 307 days ago
Capt. Bill's deckhand is injured; Capt. Jake nearly runs out of time in his quest to offload; Capt. Sean has to lay down the law when he realizes his crab counts are incorrect; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 314 days ago
With insider facts and bonus scenes; The Wizard suffers electricity woes; Capt, Jake has a difficult time anchoring at St. Paul Island; Capt. Sig relies on the help of others to get him through a storm.
aired 321 days ago
Capts. Sig and Harley make a deal to trade information but may not intend to hold up their ends of the bargain; the Wizard has an on-deck injury; Capt. Jake tries to navigate between countless rogue waves; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 328 days ago
Capt. Bill ventures into unknown territory in hopes of a big haul; Capt. Monte returns to the Wizard just in time for a massive storm; Capt. Jake hightails his pot haul to get home; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 335 days ago
Sig's crew pays a price for stuffed pots; Harley risks gear on an elusive hoard under the ice; Freddy attempts self-surgery on the Wizard; the Summer Bay crew gets news on Nick's future; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 349 days ago
Deckhands pay in blood as captains make up for lost time due to the storm; on the Cornelia Marie, Josh takes the wheel as Casey conducts surgery at sea; a call from home has Sig facing a worst-case scenario; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 356 days ago
In storm-driven seas, Cornelia Marie's crane goes off the rails, smashing Josh and Casey's wheelhouse; Sig risks navigating a rocky passage in treacherous conditions; the Wizard crew faces a rogue wave; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 363 days ago
An unprecedented investigation hopes to finally solve the mysterious disappearance of the fishing vessel, Destination; captains must make big changes or risk sailing into the same peril on the icy Bering Sea; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 370 days ago
The Wizard, Cornelia Marie and Southern Wind struggle during the storm; Capt. Keith pulls small pots, and Capt. Harley changes course; Capts. Josh and Casey ask a crew member to perform a risky fix; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 377 days ago
Arctic Storm Elsa brings troubled waters to all of the ships; the Wizard has a tough trek up North; the Cornelia Marie's lucky streak takes a turn, and the Southern Wind deals with major mechanical issues; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 384 days ago
Cornelia co-captains Josh and Casey break a personal record; Capt. Sig has success after a rough start to the season on the Northwestern; Capt. Keith mourns his father and deals with disappointing hauls; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 391 days ago
The Cornelia Marie burns a lot of fuel trekking to the Russian border; Capt. Sig struggles with a small crew on the Northwestern; the Colburns mourn their father while dealing with boat issues; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 398 days ago
The Summer Bay has four new crew members to break in; Harley's excitement over his nephew joining the team fades quickly; a fire threatens the Brenna A's schedule; Monte and Keith prepare for a goodbye; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 398 days ago
The Cornelia Marie and Saga crews endure terrible conditions attempting to make their quota; Capt. Monte is on the hunt for a large haul, while Capt. Sig and his crew try to save Norman's life; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 398 days ago
An unexpected storm brings hazardous conditions, as four boats struggle to dominate the winter crab season; Monte races back home to a dying father; a member of Sig's crew fights for his life; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
airs in 8 days
The Wizard battles a violent storm while Josh and Casey fish in 30-foot seas and the Southern Wind takes two rogue waves; Wild Bill is on the brink of collapse after working 72 straight hours; contains facts and bonus scenes.

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