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Dangerous Encounters: Backyard Monsters

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Host Dr. Brady Barr.

Latest episodes

aired 119 days ago
Dr. Brady Barr attempts to capture a gator armed only with what he finds in his car.
aired 119 days ago
Dr. Brady Barr plunges into the turquoise waters in search of nurse sharks, sting rays and other beasts of the beach.
aired 119 days ago
Dr. Brady Barr responds to animal nuisance calls with some of the most notorious pet threat offenders.
aired 461 days ago
Dr. Brady Barr is on a mission to find the alligator snapping turtle, one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world.
aired 642 days ago
The creative ways that nuisance animals utilize to locate food sources.
aired 757 days ago
Brady Barr wants to discover what the American bovines are capable of and to understand why they can be so dangerous.

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Dr. Brady Barr travels to remote regions in search of the most feared creatures in the world.
Dr. Brady Barr, a herpetologist by trade, travels all over the world to study reptiles and other creatures in their native habitats, often risking his life in the process. His mission is two-fold: to collect as much information as possible about the animals he studies and to inform the public about the state of the planet and the risk of extinction many animal species face. And, of course, there's another benefit to all his work: It makes great TV.