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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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A dedicated group of forensic investigators at the Las Vegas Crime Lab works to solve often-grisly crimes in Sin City. Heading up the graveyard shift (an appropriate term in this case) is supervisor D.B. Russell, a "Left Coast" Sherlock Holmes who devours crime novels. Members of Russell's team include Julie Finlay, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle (the team's moral compass), Greg Sanders and Morgan Brody. The investigative team works closely with Capt. Jim Brass -- a seasoned detective who is a protector of CSI -- Dr. Al Robbins -- medical examiner -- and quirky lab technician David Hodges. Previous leaders of the group include Gil Grissom and Dr. Ray Langston.

Latest episodes

aired today
Catherine finds a possible connection between Nick's case involving a dead sky-diver and a mysterious double murder.
aired 1 day ago
When a boy is murdered, the team uncovers evidence that could link his death to an old, recently resurfaced case.
aired 1 day ago
Langston is shocked to learn that one of his former grad students has been murdered while investigating Mexican wrestlers.
aired 4 days ago
Grissom and Catherine probe the death of a trainer who was trampled by a racehorse in the cargo hold of a lavish private jet.
aired 4 days ago
Investigations coincide when a comic's death has similarities to a different case across town; Brass gets help from Nick in checking out an old case. Bob Goldthwait, Gilbert Gottfried, Jeffrey Ross and Bryan Callen guest star.
aired 4 days ago
Grissom and Catherine investigate the stabbing death of a moviegoer; the team comes to a forensic impasse while processing a teenager who died from a gunshot wound.
aired 4 days ago
While investigating a murder, the team uncovers the world of robotic sports; Grissom and Warrick search for a missing camper.
aired 4 days ago
The team investigates a car that crashed into a restaurant; Grissom and Nick examine a domestic case of carbon monoxide poisoning.
aired 4 days ago
Riley and Langston are taken hostage after a gang-related shootout in a normally quiet Las Vegas community.
aired 5 days ago
Nick pieces together three separate murder cases that took place at a motel over the course of a year.
aired 6 days ago
In one night, the team investigates three cases, which seem to be unrelated to one another.
aired 7 days ago
As Langston testifies at the trial of a respected congressman, new evidence prompts the CSI team to reopen the investigation.
aired 8 days ago
The team investigates when a member of Rascal Flatts is electrocuted by his own guitar during a concert.
aired 8 days ago
The team investigates a murder at a fast-food restaurant but discovers that much of the evidence is covered in cooking oil.
aired 10 days ago
The CSI team is called in to help catch the killer when an undercover FBI agent is found murdered.
aired 11 days ago
A man leads police on a high-speed chase, then exits the vehicle and drops dead with a wooden stake in his head; a basketball player's son is kidnapped; modern Las Vegas and its past are contrasted as the teams conduct their investigations.
aired 11 days ago
Nick and Warrick investigate a fatal paragliding accident; a murder seems to be the escalation of an argument between neighbors.
aired 11 days ago
While processing the scene of a fatal hit-and-run accident and an assault, Grissom and Sara stumble upon evidence of yet another crime, involving a gun.
aired 11 days ago
A film processing laboratory turns a snuff film over to investigators; Grissom and Nick must identify a skeleton found covered with ants in a toolbox.
aired 11 days ago
Las Vegas throbs with excitement on fight night, as the team is called on to investigate a fatal boxing match, a jewelry heist and a gang murder.
aired 11 days ago
Dr. Langston's first day on the job goes from bad to worse when a simple burglary case quickly overlaps a complicated arson and homicide case.

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