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Criminal Confessions

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This series delves into the psychological showdown that takes place inside actual police interrogation rooms and dissects what happens to yield a confession. Each hourlong episode takes viewers through the twists and turns of a real homicide case, from the crime scene to the suspects' questioning to the ultimate confession. The police officers and detectives assigned to each case reveal their methodology while interviews with the suspects' and victims' friends and family shed light on the crime. In every case, the interrogating officer will "break" the suspect and get a shocking reveal of what really happened.

Latest episodes

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In 1981, a mother vanishes from the Hernando woods and the case goes cold and 33 years later, local detectives take the baton from Kelly and the Cold Justice team only to discover that getting a confession may be the only way to solve the case.
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When Kim Allen is found murdered in her home, her estranged and abusive husband is the likely suspect; risky bluff by detectives takes the case in a surprising direction.
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When young woman's body is found burning in the woods, investigators are left with many questions; they follow a trail of fire, fury, and falsities to get to the truth.
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After a loving wife and mother is found shot to death in her own bed, the case goes cold for two years until determined detectives set their sights on justice and reveal a murder-for-hire plot.
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When a schoolteacher is gunned down in public, a known felon's DNA and phone records link him to the crime; however, after investigators arrest the man, they discover the real killer might actually be someone else entirely.
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A U.S. Navy veteran is brutally beaten to death during a home robbery; to find the killer, police must sift through various lies as several suspects desperately attempt to cover their tracks.
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After an elderly woman comes into a large sum of money, she is attacked; investigators uncover a twisted tale of of addiction, brutality and betrayal.
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A beloved member of the local community is brutally murdered with part of his body apparently taken as a souvenir by the killer; detectives try to make sense of this horrifying crime despite conflicting stories and a possible false confession.
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When 19-year-old Kenia disappears, her family immediately begins conducting their own investigation to find her; as the police join them in their efforts, they follow alarming leads that cause them to believe Kenia won't be found alive.
aired 44 days ago
After authorities finally identify the prolific Green River Killer, it becomes a cat-and-mouse game as they must get inside his mind to get him to lead them to the remains of other missing women.
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Investigators speak for the first time on one of the most baffling cases they've encountered, exposing the truth about what happened to Shanann Watts and her two daughters at the hands of a seemingly devoted husband and father, Chris Watts.
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A crazed driver goes on a seven-hour shooting spree, killing six people and critically injuring two.
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After a missing woman is discovered by a deputy to be murdered in the backyard of her family home, investigators must learn whether the victim was killed by a mysterious driver seen lingering outside the house, or someone unexpected.
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After a divorced mother is found murdered in her home, police discover she had an unusual array of people involved in her life.
aired 97 days ago
A kindhearted single mother is found brutally murdered, inside her own home; three potential suspects quickly arise, all claiming innocence, and it's up to the Largo Police detectives to find out who is the cold blooded killer.
aired 97 days ago
A gruesome, execution-style double murder of a young couple shakes a small mountain community in Eastern Tennessee; with no evidence or DNA left at the crime scene, police rely on the rumor mill and their instincts to try and identify suspects.
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After getting a call that a wife and mother had been missing for 10 years, sheriffs launch an investigation that uncovers a web of lies that leads them to the truth.
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Women are found brutally murdered and panic strikes Baton Rouge; the city suspects a serial killer is on the loose; in an example of police work at its finest, detectives lead investigators to an unlikely suspect hiding a dark secret.
aired 119 days ago
A shooting in broad daylight in the city of Waterloo, Iowa leaves two dead; investigators Camarata and Moller follow a trail of bloody footprints to a list of suspects and an unexpected lead from a knowledgeable confidential informant.
aired 119 days ago
A mother of two disappears after a night out at a local bar in New Mexico; investigators race the clock in the hopes of finding her alive, and are eventually stunned by what they uncover.
aired 451 days ago
After the naked body of an Ohio State senior is found, investigators bring in a suspect for questioning; they play a dangerous game of give and take hoping to get the truth and bring justice to the victim and her family.

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