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An anthology horror series based on the 1982 movie features vignettes that explore terror, murder, the supernatural and the unexplainable.

Latest episodes

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A doctor discovers a solution for weight loss; Rose believes she has found Champ, the legendary monster of Lake Champlain, but the real monster may still be out there.
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A killer gets stranded in a funeral home with a mortician and his monkey paw; a former mayor and his followers who controlled a town through fear and intimidation get a taste of their own medicine.
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Harry stumbles upon an old scarecrow and accidentally brings it to life; Lydia kills her lover and needs to hide the evidence, but she gets trapped inside an elevator with the body.
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Teens who go trick-or-treating are met with fear instead of smiles and sweets; Justin brings home the wrong suitcase and is shocked to find a living man stuffed inside.
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A platoon of American soldiers finds something more sinister than war behind enemy lines; a man with a passion for found objects finds a growing finger.
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A man's drinking habit becomes insatiable and his appetite grows to frightening proportions; a severed toy head appears in a girl's dollhouse and starts murdering.