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Connie the Cow

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Teaching children about the animals and plants that surround them in life.

Latest episodes

aired 642 days ago
Connie goes in search of an exotic flowered cactus; Connie teaches her butterfly friend that true beauty comes from the heart.
aired 643 days ago
Connie thinks about why different plants and animals live and grow in different climates; kitty helps her grandmother have the most beautiful garden.
aired 644 days ago
Connie and her friends make musical instruments to form their own orchestra; Connie learns to conserve for winter.
aired 645 days ago
Sam and Belinda teach Patch that stones can have many uses; Tom the ant learns that it isn't fun to be alone.
aired 646 days ago
Grandma Clara's paintings show how to transform the world with color; Connie watches the flowers become covered in snow during a spring blizzard.
aired 649 days ago
Connie and Henry help two butterflies meet their friends in the valley; Connie wonders why insects exist.
aired 650 days ago
Connie and Wally discover that some plants have hidden fruits; Dodger is taught a lesson about selfishness.
aired 651 days ago
Connie makes observations about opposites in the woods; Paddy plays with his own shadow.
aired 652 days ago
Connie and her friends decorate the snow with flowers and fruits; a distracted ant can not find his home; Connie discovers a sleepwalking bird.
aired 653 days ago
Connie's grandmother tells her there is a creature that changes color to match it's surroundings; Connie receives help from a bird and an ant.
aired 656 days ago
A butterfly helps Connie understand why some animals migrate; kitty will learn that the fun in playing a game is not the reward; Connie's mother suggests playing treasure hunt.
aired 657 days ago
When all of the food disappears, Connie and Patch team up to investigate.
aired 658 days ago
Patch is scared of mysterious sounds in the woods.
aired 659 days ago
Connie learns to interpret the weather so she can be more prepared; Patch and Connie solve nature riddles.
aired 660 days ago
Connie wants to help two small animals; Connie is fascinated by the world of bees and honey; a butterfly's wings get wet in the rain.
aired 663 days ago
Connie and her friends find fruit while hiding from the rain; Connie is excited to find a mountain; grandmother tells Connie a secret.
aired 664 days ago
A beaver refuses to share water from its pond with a withered flower; Connie gathers a team to help clean up the forest.
aired 665 days ago
Connie and her friends plant wheat; Connie takes care of Maddie the lamb when her parents are gone.
aired 666 days ago
Connie pens a poem for her parents; Patch and Connie learn about animals with shells, then take a trip to the mountains to follow a river to its source.
aired 667 days ago
Connie gets her friends to help clean up the woods; Connie and Patch get lost in the woods.
aired 670 days ago
Connie meets a beaver; Belinda the goat teaches Connie a new game about looking carefully; Willow the ferret helps the animals build a dam.

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