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The critically acclaimed comedy "Con Man," created by and starring Alan Tudyk, tells the story of Wray Nerely, an aging, former sci-fi celebrity who travels the convention circuit to try to cash in on his fame. The story pays homage in a way to Tudyk's own career after his co-starring role in"Firefly," and even features recurring appearances by another "Firefly" alumnus, Nathan Fillion. "Con Man," which began as a short-form web series and garnered two Emmy nominations, also guest-stars an array of sci-fi luminaries, including Tricia Helfer, Amy Acker, Wil Wheaton, Nolan North, Casper Van Dien and Sean Astin.

Latest episodes

aired 750 days ago
Wray heads to the Long Con to promote Spectrum the Movie; Lou Ferrigno has written an adaptation of a play.
aired 756 days ago
Diego Alfonso asks Wray to audition for the role of Dick Trimmings.
aired 758 days ago
Wray gets the attention of a director while shooting a commercial for Astro Cereal.
aired 782 days ago
At the Uprising party, Wray is torn between preventing Tiffany from drinking and impressing Finley Farrow; Bobbie and Stutter try to take Girth out of the picture.
aired 782 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 783 days ago
Girth and Wray compete for the role of Dr. Officer Blade Slater, Esq. on the Course of Ambivalence; Jack tries to gather the cast of Spectrum onto the Shock-A-Con main stage for a big announcement.
aired 789 days ago
After firing his agents, Wray hires Bobbie to negotiate a cereal commercial for him.
aired 789 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 791 days ago
Hearts, and more, break at dinner for Wray and Louise; Wray's role is downgraded during a video game gig; Wray agrees to attend a comic book store signing; Wray meets Jack Moore's new assistant.
aired 791 days ago
Wray meets the girl of his dreams; Bobbie competes in a cosplay contest; Bobbie deals with the tempest that is Leslie Jordan and Sean Maher's attention; Wray gets an action figure.
aired 791 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 792 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 792 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 793 days ago
A struggling actor with one iconic sci-fi role under his belt tries to understand his fans.
aired 794 days ago
Bobbie tries to help Wray with his audition, but doesn't help very much; motion capture king Jerry Lansing pushes pain killers on Wray; Wray insults the fans and tries to apologize, but makes it worse.
aired 795 days ago
Wray Nerely experiences an unusual fan interaction in the airport men's room and receives advice from Sean Astin; Wray meets his convention assistant and signs autographs for his fans.
aired 801 days ago
Bobbie tries to help Wray on his audition, but ends up causing more harm; Jerry Lansing pushes painkillers at Wray, who feels no pain at the VIP party.
aired 817 days ago
Girth wanders out of the outback and into the running for the titular character in Doctor Cop Lawyer; Bobbie suggests Wray seduce Finley to get the role.
aired 818 days ago
The cast of Spectrum reunites at Shock-A-Con and Jack asks Wray to keep an eye on them while he finishes securing financing for the Spectrum move.
aired 820 days ago
The Long Con boiler room trap convention goers behind its self-locking door.
aired 828 days ago
The auditions for Doctor Cop Lawyer are in a state of chaos.

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