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Comedy Knockout

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Off with the gloves and onto the stage go funny men and women armed with their best barbs and looking for a comedy knockout. TruTV's half-hour competition series features three comics in each episode battling in fast-paced challenges, with points awarded based on positive crowd reactions. One-upmanship is the goal as competitors attempt to land massive comedy blows and whip the crowd into a frenzy of raucous laughter. A final round decides the champion, and the least-funny participant is ultimately forced to face the crowd and apologize. Comic Damien Lemon hosts.

Latest episodes

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Dave Hill, Tone Bell and Julian McCullough compete to finally earn a win.
VOD available
Megan Neuringer gets crazy eyes, Noah Gardenswartz knows what not to say during brain surgery, and Clayton English is convinced that a major pop star is watching him.
VOD available
Dave Hill confesses who he has on the brain; J.P. McDade takes a shot at Dave's career; Ali Kolbert reveals her side hustle.
VOD available
Amir K guesses the last book that Natasha Leggero read, Moshe Kasher does a mean stripper impersonation, and Natasha reveals Moshe's favorite class in school.
VOD available
Arden Myrin, Matteo Lane and an artisanal pickle maker have something in common; Arden's undies dance gets Josh Wolf hot and bothered.
VOD available
Dave Hill knows what not to say during a protest; Arden Myrin reveals how throwing shade can make America great again; Tone Bell finds out what age rednecks start border patrol.
VOD available
Noah Gardenswartz knows what not to say as a drug dealer; Gina Yashere pulls no punches about juice cleanses; Matteo Lane reveals which Easter bunny he'd swipe right for.
airs in 1 day
Dulce Sloan talks about sex with half a dude; Jessimae Peluso does a dubious Stephen Hawking impression; Julian McCullough sets feminism back 30 years.
airs in 1 day
Jay Oakerson and Yamaneika Saunders fly out of the gate; Jay reveals what Yam likes eating with a biscuit; Yamaneika gets super dark about Luis J. Gomez's father, but Luis retaliates later.
aired 4 days ago
Jessimae Peluso makes it rain for a clown; Tone Bell wants the whole world to smell his finger; Michelle Buteau poses as an emotionally dead stripper.
airs in 12 days
"Who's with me?" becomes Dave Hill's official catch phrase; Dulce Sloan wants 20 percent of Dave's "D"; Andy Kindler gets roasted so hard he threatens to sue.
airs in 12 days
Annie Lederman and Leonard Ouzts rip into each other super hard from the start; Megan Neuringer pops her shirt open in Bio-Hazard; Leonard gets weirdly presidential.
aired 5 days ago
Megan Neuringer accuses Andy Kindler of being stuck in a coma; Noah Gardenswartz needs help filling his banana hammock; Andy makes cracks about childhood obesity.
aired 6 days ago
Dave Hill hopes his roasting of Arden Myrin will distract us from his Austin Powers outfit; Jordan Carlos brings out the big guns; all three comedians tell us what not to say when joining the army.
aired 6 days ago
Comedians Subhah Agarwal, Kevin Barnett and Sean Donnelly delve into the minds of a dog, talk about their parents' sex lives and Sean has a nervous breakdown.
VOD available
Arden Myrin hits on Tone Bell's tight beard like a third base coach; Tone knows what Arden hates about pharmacists; Kyle Kinane shares his idea of what a "cat bath" is.
VOD available
Matteo Lane wants to talk about the bees and the bees; JP McDade does a killer Trump impression; Tone Bell has a specific organ to donate.
VOD available
Josh Wolf explains how southerners dress; Mo Mandel knows an evil hot air balloon pilot when he sees one; Dulce Sloan and Mo make a hair-touching arrangement.
VOD available
Julian McCullough knows what not to tell his kids about sex; Arden Myrin reveals Julian is a mistake she'd make at a wedding; Joel Kim Booster makes an impassioned defense of a famous chef with bleach tips.
VOD available
Clayton English describes what food is edible gentrification; Julian McCullough shares what shouldn't be said if Amish; Jessimae Peluso steals from an audience member.
airs in 6 days
Jim Norton and Sherrod Small go back-to-back in a restroom and all three comedians prove that they should never be allowed to baby sit.

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