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Off with the gloves and onto the stage go funny men and women armed with their best barbs and looking for a comedy knockout. TruTV's half-hour competition series features three comics in each episode battling in fast-paced challenges, with points awarded based on positive crowd reactions. One-upmanship is the goal as competitors attempt to land massive comedy blows and whip the crowd into a frenzy of raucous laughter. A final round decides the champion, and the least-funny participant is ultimately forced to face the crowd and apologize. Comic Damien Lemon hosts.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
Comic Mo Amer calls 911; comic Jenny Zigrino comments on appearances; comic Mo Mandel speaks to the audience.
airs in 10 days
Pete Lee reveals how millennials cure glaucoma; Michelle Buteau becomes a guidance counselor; Matthew Broussard unmasks a German techno DJ in the crowd.
airs in 10 days
Sara Schaefer knows what not to say in a search party; Joel Kim Booster explains why grandfathers do not trust him; Yassir Lester knows all about Joel's longest relationship.
airs in 1 day
Dave Hill confesses who he has on the brain; J.P. McDade takes a shot at Dave's career; Ali Kolbert reveals her side hustle.
aired 3 days ago
What Jessimae Peluso does in a confessional; the new magical STD Josh Wolf creates; what Amir K says to make Jessimae walk off stage.
aired 3 days ago
Julian McCullough wants to build a wall; Jade Catta-Preta thinks about Julian's midsection; Matteo Lane knows all about a certain celebrity.
aired 3 days ago
Thomas Dale puts a spell on Damien Lemon; Ali Kolbert knows what Thomas does to relax; Matthew Broussard reveals Ali's favorite board game.
aired 3 days ago
Clayton English explains who needs some of their brother's "sauce;" Brad Williams breaks out the jerk impressions; Vanessa Fraction knows what Brad does with a sombrero.
airs in 7 days
Tone Bell schools a lucky person on the street; Jade Catta-Preta goes hard at Tone's love life; Noah Gardenswartz spots someone very special in the crowd.
airs in 2 days
Megan Neuringer gets crazy eyes, Noah Gardenswartz knows what not to say during brain surgery, and Clayton English is convinced that a major pop star is watching him.
VOD available
Sean Patton turns a 12th-birthday card into a weird sex education class; the number of bodies Casey James can deadlift; Mehran Khaghani thinks Sean could be a sex symbol in one country.
VOD available
Clayton English describes what food is edible gentrification; Julian McCullough shares what shouldn't be said if Amish; Jessimae Peluso steals from an audience member.
VOD available
Noah Gardenswartz knows what not to say as a drug dealer; Gina Yashere pulls no punches about juice cleanses; Matteo Lane reveals which Easter bunny he'd swipe right for.
VOD available
Gina Yashere knows about black people who listen to country music; Kevin McCaffrey reacts to his pics; Julian McCullough pays Kevin a potato-themed insult.
VOD available
Josh Wolf explains how southerners dress; Mo Mandel knows an evil hot air balloon pilot when he sees one; Dulce Sloan and Mo make a hair-touching arrangement.
VOD available
Matteo Lane wants to talk about the bees and the bees; JP McDade does a killer Trump impression; Tone Bell has a specific organ to donate.
airs in 1 day
Amir K guesses the last book that Natasha Leggero read, Moshe Kasher does a mean stripper impersonation, and Natasha reveals Moshe's favorite class in school.
airs in 1 day
Dave Hill, Tone Bell and Julian McCullough compete to finally earn a win.
aired 38 days ago
Comic Yamaneika Saunders discusses blind dates; comic Julian McCullough has get-rich schemes up his sleeves; comic Jessimae Peluso brings Yamaneika to tears.
airs in 10 days
Gina Yashere obsesses over the contents of a crowd member's pants; Joel Kim Booster knows exactly what not to say as a Pilates teacher; Dave Hill tries a unique style of crowd work.
aired 74 days ago
Find out why Amir K would suck as a realtor, how Brad Williams gets Amish people to worship him, and how Mark Normand nearly gets the show cancelled.

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