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College Football 150: The American Game

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This documentary series is a definitive look at the history of college football as both a sport and a cultural phenomenon.

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airs in 4 days
The greatest games in college football history -- the so-called games of the century -- are remembered forever as contests where stars were born, legends were made, and the sport's chronicle was indelibly transformed.
airs in 4 days
As football professionalized, the college game was deeply impacted and forever changed. The two sports are closely connected -- and the conflict between amateur and pro will always undeniably shadow the college game.
aired 5 days ago
The story of college football can't be told without the story of its most legendary program -- its rise to lore, its glories and triumphs, its superstars and icons, its controversies and contradictions.
aired 12 days ago
Everything starts with the quality of the players that a school is able to recruit. And since college football's earliest days, recruiting has been one of the most critical and controversial aspects of the sport.
aired 13 days ago
If passion lies at the heart at college football, then rivalries are what fuel the passion in dramatic, intense, and entertaining ways. In this sport, the more you want to beat your enemy, the more exciting that makes the matchup.
aired 19 days ago
College football is more than just a sport -- it's a cultural phenomenon. To understand the game, you have to understand how much everything around it matters too -- from the team colors to the uniforms to the bands, the mascots and more.
aired 19 days ago
As much as any other sport, the history of college football tells the history of American race relations. You can't appreciate the sport's complexities without knowing how long the road has been, and continues to be, towards equal rights.
airs in 10 days
For generations, America was at least somewhat content to agree to often vehemently disagree, from the polls, to computers, to the creation of the BCS. At last, the College Football Playoff has offered a more decisive solution.
aired 20 days ago
College football has evolved in so many transformative ways. All throughout its history, the sport's constant evolutions have had common threads, with officials and coaches striving to make it safer, more exciting, and more entertaining.
aired 266 days ago
There was once a concern that airing college football games on TV would hurt the sport's popularity. All these years later, it's a multibillion-dollar business, and the story of college football on TV is its own saga.
airs in 8 days
It's as famous and debated as any award anywhere in sports, which means that winning the Heisman Trophy will define a player's career -- and in many ways, his life -- forever.

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