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The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence.

Latest episodes

aired 1,247 days ago
Liz faces a momentous decision when she is offered a promotion at work; Jocelyn invites Michael to explore a polyamorous lifestyle.
aired 1,247 days ago
Michael quits the firm; Jocelyn opens up to Michael; Michael's fears complicate his relationship with Liz.
aired 1,248 days ago
Michael's robust sex drive leads Jocelyn to suspect him of cheating; Michael experiences performance issues with Liz.
aired 1,248 days ago
Jocelyn finds some liberation; Liz faces a crisis on the job; Vic meets Liz.
aired 1,284 days ago
Liz invites Michael to a weekend retreat at her ex-lover's mountain cabin.
aired 1,284 days ago
Michael and Liz argue when he sells one of her paintings to an admiring client; Liz reveals details from her past.
aired 1,285 days ago
Michael takes Liz along on a tough business negotiation; Luther buys Pemmie an interesting gift; Pemmie suspects Michael of cheating.
aired 1,304 days ago
Michael and Liz disagree over what makes a good kiss which leads them to seek advice from some unusual sources.
aired 1,305 days ago
Michael's two separate worlds threaten to collide when both Liz and Jocelyn want to celebrate his birthday with him.
aired 1,320 days ago
Liz questions her big decision; Luther and Premmie elevate the idea of a threesome to a whole new level; Abigail receives shocking news.
aired 1,322 days ago
Michael and Liz have difficulty finding time for a romantic tryst; Pemmie interrupts Luther's meeting with a beautiful client.
aired 1,322 days ago
Liz and Michael reach a critical point in their relationship; Michael is surprised by a visit from Jocelyn.
aired 1,358 days ago
A successful attorney begins to question his steady life with his fiance after being rescued from a fiery crash by a beautiful, strong-willed cop.