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Charlie Moore: No Offense

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Fishing enthusiast Charlie Moore, also known as "The Mad Fisherman," is stepping out of his comfort zone and into the worlds of his guests, but first they have to visit his. In each episode, a special guest is invited into Charlie's world, and then the roles are reversed. When it's his turn, Charlie immerses himself in the local culture of the town he visits, wanting to experience everything that makes it special, from the best places to eat to favorite fishing destinations, and nobody is safe from his comedic critiquing.

Latest episodes

aired 1,197 days ago
Charlie hooks up with Boston Bruins' Patrice Bergeron. Charlie critiques Patrice and his fishing skills, compete in a game of Cornhole and grills food that Patrice has never tried.
aired 1,198 days ago
Ten-time world champion billiard player Mike Sigel hangs out with Charlie; Mike Sigel discusses his role in the movie "The Color of Money"; Charlie shows Mike how Florida small pond fishing is done.
aired 1,204 days ago
NHL Head Coach Claude Julien accepts an invitation from Charlie Moore, where the two fish, have a cook-off and an intense game of bubble hockey.
aired 1,205 days ago
Charlie and his wife travel to Bimini Island in the Bahamas for fishing and fun.
aired 1,211 days ago
Charlie heads to Minnesota and fishes for big pike and muskie with local native and friend Josh Anderson; Charlie critiques a few of Josh's favorite places to eat in town; Charlie critiques a local bait and tackle shop.
aired 1,212 days ago
Charlie travels to western Massachusetts to critique the Berkshires; fly fishing guru, Harry Desmond; Charlie checks out Moe's Tavern and enjoys craft beers, whiskey and scotch; Harry takes Charlie to three of his favorite Berkshire restaurants.

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