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Celebrity Style Story

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One celebrity's style evolution through hair, makeup and fashion choices.

Latest episodes

aired 792 days ago
Style icons like actresses Carey Mulligan and Felicity Jones represent the U.K. on the red carpet.
aired 795 days ago
Before finding her signature style, actress Amanda Seyfriend endured a string of bad reviews.
aired 796 days ago
The Critics Choice Awards gives stars a chance to shine on the red carpet.
aired 796 days ago
Julia Roberts showed her style in the film "Pretty Woman."
aired 797 days ago
Big screen superhero roles have propelled actors to style stardom.
aired 797 days ago
Kim Cattrall rocks a designer red gown.
aired 798 days ago
Model/fashion designer Sienna Miller manages to stay one step ahead of the style trends.
aired 799 days ago
Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto always surprises on the red carpet.
aired 799 days ago
Sandra Bullock's fashion trends.
aired 800 days ago
Some of the funniest ladies evolve into red carpet queens.
aired 800 days ago
The fashion of The Oscars throughout the decades.
aired 800 days ago
Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren gets better and better with age.
aired 800 days ago
Actress Halle Berry's transformation from beauty queen to model to actress.
aired 803 days ago
Cameron Diaz's surfer influenced style.
aired 804 days ago
The fashion trends of the Olsen twins.
aired 805 days ago
aired 805 days ago
Actress Angelina Jolie's transformation from wearing all black to red-carpet royalty.

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