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Astonishing animal behavior caught on tape.

Latest episodes

aired 167 days ago
Fighting grizzly; psycho deer; life-saving hippo.
aired 167 days ago
Footage captures lions fighting buffalo, a polar bear brawl, enraged wild dogs and a crazy leopard.
aired 252 days ago
Hippos can keep pace with lions; elephants form a wall; warthogs charge a stalking cheetah; a buffalo is able to escape from water surrounded by danger.
aired 252 days ago
Wildlife sometimes gets a little too close for comfort as shown in footage from the depths of the Indian ocean to the thick of the South African bush.
aired 252 days ago
Witnessing a long-standing war between hyenas and lions, and a feud between two sets of brothers shows that animal attacks in the wild aren't just about survival.
aired 252 days ago
A giraffe becomes violent; a white shark gets trapped in a cage with two divers; a zebra bullies a leopard.
aired 252 days ago
Stories of Africa's youngest animals; brutal kills, remarkable bravery and the miracle of birth.
aired 252 days ago
Male seahorse gives birth; buffalo charge; baby elephants.
aired 252 days ago
Wildlife cameramen and tourists capture footage of prey and predator friendships, meat-eating deer, and an underwater love-fest.
aired 252 days ago
Wildlife cameramen and tourists are in the right place at the right time to capture remarkable footage of hopping Makos, looting baboons, sea otters on the run and rampaging cows.
aired 313 days ago
Cameramen and tourists capture footage of lions at war, octopus cannibalism, killer whales attacking a dolphin, a monkey and a dog playing tag.
aired 313 days ago
An epic tiger fight; bear breaks into a car; cheetah-hunting lesson; a titan of the deep crushes a yacht.
aired 313 days ago
Footage captures the gruesome intensity of a lion takedown, a seagull shooting his own film and an elephant charge.
aired 350 days ago
Wildlife cameramen and tourists capture footage of cannibal sharks, clashing dolphins, hitch-hiking sea longs and dogs driving.
aired 392 days ago
Survival in the wild can depend on bravery or brains as much as brawn when animals fight to the death for food, territory and family.
aired 463 days ago
Footage captures animal oddities and creatures in trouble, proving that encounters in nature don't always go according to plan.

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