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Caribbean with Simon Reeve

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Simon discovers the extraordinary, extreme region of the Caribbean Sea and the pressing issues facing wildlife and people living there.

Latest episodes

aired 893 days ago
Simon begins his journey on the remote Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, travels to the beautiful Honduran island of Roatán and encounters extreme violence on the mainland of Honduras before finishing his adventure on the iconic island of Jamaica.
aired 900 days ago
The second leg of Simon Reeve's journey around the Caribbean Sea takes him from the beautiful islands and along the coast of South America. On the beautiful and wealthy island of Barbados he meets the owner of a traditional chattel house.
aired 907 days ago
Simon begins his journey around the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola and its two very different countries. The Dominican Republic is a tourist hotspot, but its neighbour Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

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