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Cal Fire: West Coast Fires

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CalFire imbeds viewers within the largest emergency force in the country; access to all 6,100 firefighters as they work to contain California's near constant blazes.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
For the first time ever, Cal Fire takes us deep on the frontlines, as the nation's elite firefighting force battles to save lives in the most historic fire season in California history.
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While northern California is under siege from a series of lightning-sparked wildfires, one resident in Carmel refuses to leave his precious home; despite firefighters' warning that the flames are minutes away and will spare nothing in their path.
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In the first hours of the Apple Fire, a small team of firefighters gets dispatched to ground zero of a fast-spreading blaze in a residential area; they must make a harrowing decision on which house they can save and which one they must let burn.
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Meet the brave men and women of Cal Fire and see them in action; using their aerial fleet and ground resources to battle one of the first wildfires of what is shaping up to be a hot and dangerous fire season.