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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Boruto Uzumaki follows in his father Naruto's footsteps by training to become a powerful ninja, but being the son of the city's leader comes with its own unique challenges.

Latest episodes

aired 341 days ago
Inside the mine where the monster reportedly lurks, Team 7 encounters White Zetsu and discovers a link to the godlike matriarch Kaguya Otsutsuki.
aired 348 days ago
Snarky remarks from older ninja irritate Boruto, whose mood sours even further during his birthday party when word comes that his father cannot attend; Team 7 heads to a neighboring area where a gang of thieves reported a monster attack.
aired 355 days ago
As the Chunin Exams approach, Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi reflect on the trials Boruto and the other young ninja faced so far, and consider whether they have what it takes to pass the rigorous test.
aired 369 days ago
While Wasabi, Namida and Hanabi try to round up zoo animals that got loose, Wasabi and Namida get into an argument; Sumire debates telling her teammates about her involvement in the Nue incident.
aired 376 days ago
Team 5 receives orders to participate in a documentary promoting the ninja academy; team captain Udon has doubts about the idea, and his pupils feel pressured to prove themselves after being suspended during the Byakuya Gang incident.
aired 383 days ago
After attacking Katasuke's research center, the Byakuya Gang escapes by train, with Boruto and Shikadai in hot pursuit; while Boruto goes after the leader, Shikadai fights his former friend, Ryogi, hoping he can still get through to him.
aired 390 days ago
The ninja fan out across the village to monitor the growing protests against the Kaminarimon Company; Shikadai breaks off from his team when he discovers the Byakuya Gang's hidden strategy.
aired 397 days ago
Discontent continues to grow inside Hidden Leaf because of the Byakuya Gang's influence; Ryogi, haunted by his past, casts his friendship with Shikadai into doubt and stops meeting him for their regular shogi game.
aired 404 days ago
The Byakuya Gang's activity in Hidden Leaf intensifies and more genin get assigned to track them down, but not all of them believe the gang should be stopped; Shikadai forms a bond with a young man named Ryugi.
aired 411 days ago
A band of thieves called the Byakuya Gang empty out the bank's vault; despite the gang's reputation of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, Boruto abhors their law-breaking methods and vows to bring them to justice.
aired 418 days ago
Team 7's initial assignments go smoothly and Boruto grows restless for a challenge; the team receives new orders when a high-strung man wearing an explosive vest threatens to blow up a bank.
aired 425 days ago
Team 7 tracks down Kiri's kidnappers, but the three young ninja must take down a skilled opponent when they become separated from Konohamaru.
aired 432 days ago
Team 7 sets out on their first mission -- assisting a village plagued by bandits; they meet Kiri, a young girl recently installed as the village head after her father's sudden death; the team soon realizes the true danger of their mission.
aired 439 days ago
Mitsuki wants to become a Hidden Leaf Shinobi; in the past, Mitsuki loses his memory and finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings, unsure of his identity and motive; he faces a difficult decision as his lost thoughts and feelings come to light.
aired 446 days ago
Boruto and his classmates take their first step as genin and form three-person squads; Boruto, hoping to team up with Shikadai, finds himself teamed up with Sarada and Mitsuki instead, so he and Sarada appeal to the Hokage to overturn the decision.
aired 453 days ago
Kakashi immobilizes Boruto and lectures him about his lackluster motivation to become a ninja; after Boruto's classmates arrive to help him escape, they encourage him to rise above Kakashi's evaluation of him.
aired 460 days ago
Boruto and the others complete the written exam and move onto the practical exam, where students face off against Kakashi and the instructors in actual combat situations; Boruto reaches Kakashi first, but Kakashi coldly criticizes his ninja spirit.
aired 467 days ago
Prior to the graduation exams, the students take part in an interview to discuss their future plans, but Boruto admits he doesn't have any, despite his exceptional talent; a journalist working on a story about the students gives Boruto a warning.
aired 474 days ago
Boruto and his classmates go camping to try to catch the mysterious fish, the Eternal Carp, said to be unforgettably delicious; with graduation coming up, Boruto wants to make the class' last time together memorable, but the fish proves very elusive.
aired 481 days ago
Inojin comes up with a more efficient way to use his Super Beast Scroll ninjutsu, but he suddenly loses the ability to use it entirely; puzzled, he talks to his father, Sai, who suggests that Inojin enter a children's art contest.
aired 488 days ago
The field trip comes to an end and Boruto and his friends return to Hidden Leaf; Himawari gets upset at Boruto for forgetting to bring her a souvenir, and when Boruto tries to beg forgiveness, he misses his chance, causing things to deteriorate.

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