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Black Clover

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Everyone within the Clover Kingdom is born with the natural ability to perform magic. Asta and Yuno are both orphans, abandoned at the same church at the same time, and the two have become inseparable throughout their childhood. Asta dreams of becoming the greatest and most powerful mage in the Kingdom. There's only one problem: Asta can't use any magic. Yuno has always been good with magic -- a genius even -- and has great control over it, which becomes evident to Asta, who works to train physically to make up for his lack of magic. As teenagers, Asta and Yuno are chosen to become Magic Knights. Yuno receives his grimoire with the power of wind while Asta does not. When their lives are threatened, Asta manages to summon his own grimoire, one that has a very rare and mysterious anti-magic ability. "Black Clover" follows Asta and Yuno within their respective squads as they continue to show a friendly rivalry that has them both striving to become the next Wizard King.

Latest episodes

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Mereoleona and Nozel rush to catch Licht inside the dungeon, but Rhya the Disloyal stops Mereoleona in her tracks.
VOD available
The Black Bulls meet their hideout's secret occupant, a man who can change the building's shape at will.
aired 30 days ago
The Royal Knights relocate to the capital to get ready for the attack on the floating dungeon in Gravito Stones; Klaus warns of spies.
aired 37 days ago
Capt. Mereoleona arrives at the Bulls' headquarters to announce which knights passed the selection exam; the chosen Magic Knights gather to prepare for the assault on the Eye of the Midnight Sun.
aired 44 days ago
Yami reveals a story from his early days as a Magic Knight involving a top-secret mission he undertook with William Vangeance.
aired 135 days ago
The knights learn who will be on the teams competing in the Royal Knights Selection Exam.
airs in 12 days
Wizard King Julius puts his time magic to use as he battles the fast and fierce enemy leader.
airs in 5 days
A visit from an old friend of the Wizard King turns into a fateful battle between two powerful wizards.
VOD available
To take the edge off waiting for the exam results to come in, the Bulls head to a bathhouse; Yami reflects upon his time in the Grey Deer squad and the origin of his rivalry with Vangeance.
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Asta and Zora get into a disagreement ahead of their next match that threatens their team's chances; Asta unleashes a new move against Kirsch, the stuck-up illusion caster.
VOD available
Luck overpowers Rob; Noelle capitalizes on an opponent's obsession with her to control the battlefield while Yuno keeps Alecdora occupied.
VOD available
The mysterious Mage X reveals his identity and reflects on his upbringing as a struggling painter turned magic knight, using his unique artistry to wage battle.

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