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Latest episodes

aired 1,176 days ago
The girls spin the bizircle and cause "bizarmageddon."
aired 1,183 days ago
Paige and Frankie sing about their favorite country.
aired 1,190 days ago
aired 1,191 days ago
Officer Bizaare and Officer Dangerous save the internet.
aired 1,192 days ago
Today's topic: BizaArtifacts.
aired 1,193 days ago
Paige and Frankie see if 60 of people pick rock first.
aired 1,194 days ago
aired 1,232 days ago
aired 1,233 days ago
aired 1,234 days ago
aired 1,235 days ago
aired 1,236 days ago
Paige and Frankie try the BizaArm Box.

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Best friends Paige and Frankie put their talents to use while making video blogs for their online comedy channel. Upon reaching 10,000 subscribers for their comedic music videos, the friends are invited to produce their videos at Vuuugle Studios, an influential entity in the industry. There, they continue their quest to reach the top of the blogosphere. Together, with longtime friend Bernie and fellow Vuuugle stars Dirk and Amelia, the girls embark on a series of comedic adventures in hopes of becoming even bigger online celebrities.
Various networks
"So Random!" began its life as a show-within-a-show on "Sonny With a Chance." Now, with Sonny out of the picture, the other "So Random!" cast members take center stage, along with new repertory players, as it becomes its own half-hour series. The sketch comedy series geared toward tweens features comedic vignettes parodying pop culture and various aspects of everyday life. Popular recurring characters from the "So Random!" minishow that make the leap to the stand-alone show include Roadkill McGill and kid lawyer Sally Jensen. Each episode features a performance by a special guest or a musical guest.