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Food has always been a way to bring people together and "Bite Club" is no exception. This innovative way to cooking competitions has hit the screen. The program features five chefs during each episode, and through a game of chance, two of those chefs are selected as judges while the others do the cooking. The location changes based on the hometown of its contestants and so does the kitchen -- so the contestants' abilities to adapt are very important. On top of all of this; secret ingredient are also thrown into the mix. Join Tyler Florence as he travels to various cities across America.

Latest episodes

aired 375 days ago
Tyler brings together five Charleston, S.C., chefs to compete in a contemporary Southern cuisine restaurant; chefs must search the pantry and fridge for whatever works best with secret ingredients like smoked pork sausage and bitter blood oranges.
aired 382 days ago
Tyler Florence brings together five of the best chefs in Indianapolis to compete outside of their comfort zones in a Japanese hibachi restaurant; using a unique style of grill for the first time, they're pushed to the limits with secret ingredients.
aired 389 days ago
Tyler Florence brings together five of Chicago's most acclaimed chefs to compete in an Italian restaurant; the first round throws them for a loop when they're presented with alligator meat.
aired 396 days ago
In Savannah, Ga., Tyler Florence brings together five of the city's best chefs to compete in a modern diner; in the first round, they have to pair local staples like peaches with any other ingredients they can find in the restaurant's kitchen.
aired 403 days ago
Tyler brings together three of Washington, D.C.'s best chefs for a fiery throwdown in a Peruvian restaurant; in the first round, global flavors get tossed into woks and fly up in flames; then the chefs are challenged to use local ingredients.
aired 403 days ago
In Baltimore, Tyler brings together three star chefs to compete in a local Venezuelan hot spot; chefs face secret ingredients piri piri, kombu and bone-in pork chops; chefs must create one dish using sauerkraut, horseradish and catfish.
aired 410 days ago
In Brooklyn's Little Russia, three of the borough's best chefs face off; in the first round, the chefs use a pantry full of traditional Russian ingredients to tackle live sea urchins; tricky local ingredients determine the winner.
aired 417 days ago
In Oklahoma City, Tyler lassos three chefs to compete, chophouse-style; in the first round, the chefs grill massive meats and gigantic fruit; an unlikely grouping of strawberries, pecans and okra determines who will become the city's Bite Club Champ.

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