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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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From the team behind CNN's highly rated original series "Finding Jesus" comes "Beyond Reasonable Doubt," an unscripted offering designed to broaden HLN's true crime audience. The hourlong series takes viewers deep inside the world of crime fighting through high-profile criminal cases that were ultimately solved by advances in forensic science or technology. Driven by first-person storytelling, episodes feature the lead detectives of each case and a supporting cast of forensic scientists who highlight how technology is changing the face of criminal investigations.

Latest episodes

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The first victims of America's most prolific serial killer were found in 1982; the killer was at large for two decades, killing over 50 women, but was caught after forensic microscopy linked paint particles from the victims' clothes to the killer.
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In 2002, armed with DNA and a license plate from a violent rape case, a detective thinks he has an easy case, but neither provides a match; the case goes cold until the groundbreaking Combined DNA Index System finds a hit 5 years later.
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Detectives investigate the body of a murdered woman found in a barrel along with an address book.
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In 1996, a bomb goes off at the Atlanta Olympics killing one and leaving hundreds injured. After a further 5 bombs are detonated, the FBI, ATF and GBI realize they're dealing with a serial bomber.
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In 1986, the LAPD arrives at a murder scene that seems clear cut, but the case quickly goes cold. Twenty years later, DNA testing provides a stunning new lead.
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In 1995, charred bones and a skull with five bullet holes are found inside a burnt antique trunk in the Nevada desert.

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