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The premise of "Before I Die" is to expose the truth behind the individuals who had the strength and courage in their final moments to help catch their own killers. This three-part series re-tells the shocking events leading to the crucial piece of evidence that the victim was able to somehow communicate with their dying breath, helping to solve their own murders -- from a deputy killed on the job to a woman shot seven times and another woman who, with her dying breath, informs officials that her baby has been abducted.

Latest episodes

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Amanda Mangas is found with a gunshot wound to her chest, but before dying, she tells police that her baby son has been kidnapped, leading to a three-state Amber Alert in the hunt to save him.
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On June 23, 2008, Sharon Denson is found shot seven times and suffering from severe burns, but her courage in escaping from the building and giving a dying declaration leads to her murderer being caught and convicted.
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After Deputy Floyd Moore sees a man acting suspiciously and calls for back-up, he is later found shot in the head with the killer's ID hidden in his pocket.

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