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Bass 2 Billfish

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Three-time world sailfish champion Peter Miller brings viewers along as he and his guests -- experienced anglers and amateurs alike -- travel across Florida on unforgettable fishing adventures. Miller begins each episode by meeting his guests either at the airport or at their resort accommodations, and then the fun begins. The fishing expeditions are taken on both fresh and saltwater sites and some of the many species featured include largemouth bass, swordfish, tarpon, shark, snook, red snapper and grouper. Away from the water, Miller also extends his guests such amenities as shopping experiences and tickets to pro sports events.

Latest episodes

aired 616 days ago
Father's Day tarpon and permit with Peter and his daughter Emily, and they stop to have an island barbecue.
aired 625 days ago
Peter takes his daughter Emily to Captiva, Fla., for permit, snook and paddle boarding.
aired 646 days ago
Peter Miller surprises repeat guest Leo from Make-A-Wish to fish with a fishing trip out of South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Fla., with Capt. Ozzie Fischer; they fish for redfish and snook.
aired 653 days ago
Peter Miller travels to South Seas Island Resort in Captiva, Fla., to surprise young show fanatic Cristos with a fishing trip with Capt. Ozzie Fischer; they catch redfish and snook, then enjoy a freshly caught seafood meal.
aired 660 days ago
Peter Miller travels to Citrus County, Fla., to stay at the Plantation on Crystal River to discover Crystal River's freshwater and saltwater fishery; Peter fishes with Capt. Brandon Branch for largemouth bass in Lake Rousseau.
aired 667 days ago
Peter Miller invites U.S. Marine veteran Ozzie Martinez from Operation Wet Vet to Guy Harvey Outpost, a Tradewinds Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach.
aired 737 days ago
Fishing adventures in Florida with Peter Miller.
aired 744 days ago
Peter Miller fishes with the winners of the NY Daily News contest off Miami, Fla.; they run into a mahi-mahi feeding frenzy and catch a barracuda and hammerhead shark.
aired 800 days ago
Peter Miller invites U.S. Marine veteran Ozzie Martinez from Operation Wet Vet to Guy Harvey Outpost, a Tradewinds beach resort in St. Pete Beach.
aired 974 days ago
Peter Miller fishes with Andy Holland and Sande Kirby out of South Seas Island Resort for permit, snook, mangrove snapper and goliath grouper.
aired 1,002 days ago
Peter Miller travels to Hawks Cay Resort with Zak and Vanni to fish with Captain Brandon Mullar and catch swordfish and blackfin tuna; diving for lobster in Florida Bay.
aired 1,016 days ago
Peter Miller takes a family of 4 to Crystal River, Fla. to fish for grouper, redfish and largemouth bass; a quick swim with the manatees.
aired 1,072 days ago
Peter Miller takes wounded combat veteran Jacob Schick fishing for snook, redfish, permit and goliath grouper out of South Seas Island Resort.
aired 1,072 days ago
Peter Miller takes wounded combat veteran Jacob Schick fishing for snook, redfish, permit and goliath grouper out of South Seas Island Resort.
aired 1,142 days ago
Father's day Permit and tarpon for Peter Miller and his daughter off Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay.
aired 1,143 days ago
Peter Miller treats his employees to another fishing adventure in Stuart, Fla., to catch monster goliath grouper and bull shark with Capt. Ben Chancey.
aired 1,149 days ago
Peter Miller and Dan McNally fish for tarpon, shark and permit in St. Pete Beach, Fla. with Capt. Rob Gorta.
aired 1,150 days ago
Peter Miller grants Wyatt and his family their wish to be on Bass 2 Billfish; Peter takes the group fishing off Miami for sailfish, bonitos and barracuda; dinner at Islamorada Fish Company.
aired 1,153 days ago
Peter Miller fishes with best friends John and Roland out of Hawks Cay Resort for blackfin tuna, barrelfish, amberjack and snapper.
aired 1,205 days ago
Peter Miller heads to Steinhatchee, Fla., for an inshore adventure with fishing duo Haley and Jessica to catch redfish and trout.
aired 1,213 days ago
Peter Miller takes the winners of the Visit Florida SunnyFM radio promotion fishing off the coast of South Florida; the group catches sailfish, blackfin tuna, amberjack and dolphin.

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