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Badlands, Texas

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The ghost town-like mystique of Terlingua, Texas, fills the screen in National Geographic's true-crime documentary vérité series. Nestled on the Rio Grande River within the state's largest county, Terlingua is 200 miles from "a major anything," says one person in "Badlands, Texas." The town's residents -- 58, per the 2010 census -- trade modern comforts for freedom and isolation, but the series centers on how that chilled-out existence is rocked by the 2014 murder of a well-known community member. As the sheriff pieces together details, Terlingua becomes divided between loyalties to the victim and the accused.

Latest episodes

aired 167 days ago
No one believes the bar or the town of Terlingua will ever be the same.
aired 173 days ago
Two anonymous jurors describe the confusion and animosity they felt in the jury deliberation room.
aired 174 days ago
The jury returns a not guilty verdict and residents of Terlingua react in shock and anger.
aired 182 days ago
The verdict in the trial over a murdered resident is announced.
aired 189 days ago
The trial over a resident murder begins.
aired 196 days ago
The locals are interrogated about the murder of a resident.
aired 203 days ago
Locals recap what happened the night a Terlingua, Texas resident was murdered.
aired 223 days ago
The small town of Terlingua, TX is stunned by the murder of one of its well-known residents.

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