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Three men who are best friends and business partners make up the team of the Manscapers, an exclusive exterior design and high-end landscaping firm. These partners reimagine outdoor spaces and help their clients turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. In each episode, they hatch a plan to do a full outdoor renovation, from rooftop to backyards. They juggle tight deadlines, multiple clients, and each other as they transform barren spaces into jaw-dropping escapes. When Garrett creates a beach inspired rooftop meadow and Mel and James work on patios, they must adjust for some surprising hiccups that arise.

Latest episodes

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A return client challenges the Manscapers to landscape four different outdoor spaces connected to her Greenwich Village town home; Mel's backyard gets an annual makeover in preparation for Garrett's birthday, leaving James a little jealous.
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A Brooklyn couple has a blank-slate backyard and a big budget, but the Manscapers' progress is slowed by non-stop check-ins and micro-management; everyone is on edge while landscaping a hotel's rooftop bar for a pair of ultra-picky clients.
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The Manscapers strive to deliver a colorful backyard makeover after learning their new clients are allergic to bees; James and Mel agree to landscape an East Village rooftop for a friend.
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Problems arise during a job when Melissa and the construction team strike water while building a stone patio; Garrett creates a beach-inspired rooftop meadow, but things get hot while adding some extra flare to the planter boxes.
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The Manscapers travel upstate to a working farm and vacation retreat to help their friend, Matt, prepare for a wedding; James, Mel and Garrett construct the ceremony site, landscape a honeymoon suite and prepare arrangements for the reception.
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A couple decides to give their family a dream backyard, but the project gets off to a rocky start; the Manscapers' plan for a new patio runs into underground complications; a dream project with a billion-dollar developer may turn into a nightmare.
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The Manscapers jump at the chance to landscape pop-up restaurant Gitano, but they struggle to find the massive number of palm trees needed to realize their client's vision; a client hopes to transform his overgrown backyard into a Zen garden.
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New clients have a limited budget, which means making difficult sacrifices; an eccentric designer hires the team to landscape the outdoor spaces in a high-end hotel, but the Manscapers have only two days to complete the project.

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