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For the teenage students at the Keaton School of the Arts, making it in the entertainment industry as singers, dancers or musicians is a dream. Attending the prestigious institution is a good start to achieving their goals, but the day-to-day reality of being a teenager -- including classes, family matters and relationship issues -- often get in the way. This drama series, shot in the style of a documentary, goes inside the school to show what the performers go through as they chase their dreams while having to navigate through their teenage years. The students include gifted ballet dancer Vanessa and best friend Carly, who is stuck in Vanessa's shadow; Alya, a skilled singer who lacks confidence; mysterious musician Miles, who harbors a big secret; and Scarlett, a singer with a big ego.

Latest episodes

aired 1,462 days ago
An open house puts the talent at Keaton on full display; the future of each student becomes uncertain as the end of the year draws near.
aired 1,463 days ago
Vanessa and Carly grow more distant due to a dance rivalry; Bianca's career opportunity could jeopardize her future with Jax; Alya worries about Miles' feelings for a former crush.
aired 1,464 days ago
The dance students stick together despite threats that their secret will be exposed; Bianca hopes to make memories with Jax; Denzel faces a new challenge.
aired 1,465 days ago
Kit worries about Denzel after all of Austin's bullying; Alya turns to Miles for comfort; Vanessa tries to repair her friendship with a distant Carly.
aired 1,466 days ago
Creative differences might put an end to Denzel's music video; Sasha asks Vanessa for help with an audition; Carly's role in the sprinkler situation gets called into question.
aired 1,469 days ago
Sasha reveals a classmate's secret on his blog; Bianca's guilt gets the best of her; Jenna comes into conflict with the other ninth grade dancers.
aired 1,470 days ago
The freshman dance class seeks revenge against Julie for Ms. Maria's firing; Scarlett discovers something that unsettles Kit; Vanessa helps Carly with her relationship.
aired 1,471 days ago
Miles cautiously defines his relationship with Alya; Vanessa wonders if she'll be able to dance again; Julie faces the consequences of cheating.
aired 1,472 days ago
Julie feels guilty after cheating on her PSATs; an assignment hits an emotional nerve with Scarlett; Carly's insecurities take over.
aired 1,473 days ago
The music students try to get through a difficult day despite their differences; Vanessa makes a promise but wonders if she'll be able to keep it; Denzel has to give a friend bad news.
aired 1,476 days ago
Alya tries to rejoin the crowd at Keaton but meets with hostility; Kit tries to put herself into her music; Carly questions her feelings for Austin.
aired 1,477 days ago
Vanessa's frustration with not being able to dance reaches a boiling point; Miles is shocked when a familiar face returns.
aired 1,478 days ago
Bianca's feelings for Jax resurface when she agrees to do a favor for Jenna; the arrival of a mysterious film student has Carly distracted from dance.
aired 1,479 days ago
Sasha finds himself caught in the middle of Vanessa and Carly's feud; Miles must come to grips with the new normal at Keaton.
aired 1,480 days ago
School is back in session but nothing is as it was before the break; new musical partnerships, changing dynamics in the dance stream and missing faces in the halls.

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