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Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing

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Professional fisherman Babe Winkelman hosts this series in which he provides fishing instruction for viewers. The 25-year veteran shares his experiences to help viewers improve their chances of catching "the big one." And what do you do after you catch a fish? One option is to cook it. Enter Babe's wife, Kris. In her "Kris' Kitchen" segment, the cookbook author shares her recipes for preparing fish as part of what she calls "gourmet meals that anyone can make." Kris' goal is to prepare tasty, easy-to-prepare meals with readily available ingredients.

Latest episodes

aired 973 days ago
Fishing for trophy walleye and catfish at Green Bay, Wisc.
aired 980 days ago
Exciting action for gigantic brook trout in North western Ontario at scenic Lake Nipigon and walleye fishing with a new type of lighted bobber.
aired 987 days ago
An in-depth look at how invasive species have affected Lake Michigan perch; fishing for perch on the Wisconsin side.
aired 1,267 days ago
Can the Cree River in Saskatchewan live up to it's claims for being the Pike Capitol Of the World?
aired 1,281 days ago
The Winkelman's travel just five miles from home to enjoy fishing on a familiar lake.
aired 1,288 days ago
Lake Erie walleyes on planer boards.
aired 1,295 days ago
Babe visits an Ontario trophy walleye hotspot after many years and rediscovers a rare gem.
aired 1,302 days ago
Smallmouth bass in central Minnesota's Mille Lacs.
aired 1,309 days ago
Babe fishes for giant halibut in Alaska's Dutch Harbor.
aired 1,316 days ago
Good fishing continues in Ontario as Babe and his grandson seek cherished times and good luck while fishing for Rainy Lake walleye and crappie.
aired 1,323 days ago
Exciting angling action for hard-fighting smallmouth bass at Hawk Lake.
aired 1,330 days ago
Once again, Ontario proves its worth to visiting anglers when Babe and a friend make their first trip to Hawk Lake for walleyes.
aired 1,337 days ago
Two lucky sweepstakes winners are blown away at the size and numbers of walleye they catch at Gunisao Lake while fishing with Babe.
aired 1,344 days ago
Babe and daughter Karlee continue monster pike rumble and explore for walleye at Cree River Lodge.

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