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Avenue 5

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A confident, controlled and personable space cruise ship captain tries to get along with everyone.

Latest episodes

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A search party commences for Matt who's in hiding with the airlock codes; Iris questions Karen about her rumored affair with Ryan; Rav seeks an apology from Judd, as chaos ensues when a seat on a rescue shuttle suddenly becomes available.
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While Karen oversees an effort to jettison non-essential passenger items, Billie tries to teach an inattentive Ryan how to dock the ship; Matt learns of Judd's plan to return to Earth; the passengers suspect all is not as it seems with the journey.
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Judd enlists Ryan to help charm Harrison Aimes, a wealthy passenger who has a strange effect on Judd; the passengers become transfixed by a divine image circling the ship; Rav deals with the fallout when the ship's moral quandary hits the media.
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As Avenue 5 celebrates the birth of a space baby, Ryan and Billie try to identify the source of an incessant beeping; Judd shares his latest grand idea; Rav appeals to the president for rescue funds but faces an ethical dilemma.
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Billie seeks her moment in the limelight after stepping in to help Ryan during the ship's newest crisis; Iris vets comic Jordan Hatwal's material for the Halfway Home Party; Doug tries to get in the way of Mia's newfound sexual freedom.
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With Judd worried about his reputation, Iris arranges a meet-and-greet with several passengers in his luxury suite; frustrated by a bridge crew with no answers, Ryan and Billie bond with the engineers below deck.
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Rav and her team meet with a NASA representative to plot a potential rescue mission; an engineer working in a hidden part of the ship has a surprisingly optimistic theory about the ship's future; Karen becomes a vocal advocate for passengers.
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When a malfunction occurs aboard the luxury space cruise ship Avenue 5, it's up to engineer Billie McEvoy to warn Capt. Ryan Clark, owner Herman Judd and his right-hand woman Iris Kimura that the incident may have a cataclysmic knock-on effect.
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Judd outlines the plan for a rescue mission and tasks Iris with organizing a vigil on Earth to raise the money to fund it; Rav endures a barrage of messages from the ship and handles an unruly press conference.

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