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Australia's Deadliest

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Deadly animal encounters.

Latest episodes

aired 317 days ago
White shark attack; deadly saltwater crocodile; dangerous mosquito.
aired 359 days ago
Box jellyfish sting; man is chased by a pack of dingoes; a venomous spider bite.
aired 359 days ago
A white shark attacks a surfer at sunset off Bondi Beach; a crocodile goes after a swimmer; a kangaroo makes a charge at a woman.
aired 359 days ago
Bull shark attacks a surfer; child attacked by a python; stingray sting.
aired 360 days ago
Great White shark attacks a wakeboarder; a snake bite puts a man's life in danger; jumping jack ant bites a child.
aired 360 days ago
Sea lion attack; Irukandji jellyfish sting;deadly shark approach.
aired 360 days ago
A surfer's leg is mauled by a deadly shark; a boy is bitten by one of Australia's most venomous snakes.
aired 606 days ago
A man falls into a spider's nest, a playground of crocodiles; highly venomous stonefish bite.
aired 606 days ago
Venomous jellyfish sting; red-bellied black snake bite; redback spider bite.
aired 606 days ago
A grandmother wakes to an 8-foot crocodile; a girl is attacked by a magpie; Jayne's mosquito bite results in Australia's Ross River Fever.
aired 853 days ago
Ant causes anaphylactic shock; a young girl is pinned to the ground by a kangaroo.
aired 873 days ago
A woman's mysterious paralysis; Irukandji jellyfish sting; sea lion attacks a woman.

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