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America's Hidden Stories

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"America's Hidden Stories" delves into the secrets of America and the stories the viewers need to know. Discover if Revolutionary War hero Gen. Pulaski was actually a woman and was the heartland of the America's the birthplace of the Spanish flu? Modern historians use state-of-the-art equipment and technology along with newly discovered evidence to rewrite the narrative of some of the United States' most iconic stories. Sift beneath the surface as teams dig deep into America's past to uncover truths about the Salem witches and the trials, an alleged spy network behind Pearl Harbor and many other hidden gems.

Latest episodes

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Newly declassified intelligence documents paint a new picture of the attack on Pearl Harbor, including information regarding a spy ring that funneled American intelligence and stolen technology to the Japanese Navy, making the attack possible.
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The flu pandemic of 1918 is the hidden apocalypse of the 20th century, killing as many as 50 million people around the world; with new evidence, scientists investigate the truth behind the so-called Spanish flu to see if it could happen again.
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Experts surmise that a plot to assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the so-called Dahlgren Affair may have changed the course of the American Civil War and been the driving force behind the assassination of President Lincoln.
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Scholars reexamine the witch trials in 17th-century Salem, Mass., uncovering fresh clues about the town's dark past; experts use 3D computer mapping techniques and ground-penetrating radar to rediscover the long-lost site of the witch hangings.
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Cutting-edge archaeology reveals little-known stories about Jamestown, specifically events that took place in the seminal year of 1619; excavations uncover the presence of a skeleton that may belong to a controversial founding father.
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New discoveries reveal that Benedict Arnold's teenage wife, Peggy, may have been behind his treacherous plot; experts study never-before-seen documents that name Peggy as a central player in her husband's treasonous scheme.
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When forensic anthropologists disinter the body of American Revolutionary war hero Gen. Casimir Pulaski, they find the skeleton of a woman; researchers wonder if the commander was a woman and whether this explains the general's strange behavior.
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In 1982, satellites detect a massive explosion in the Siberian wilderness; new evidence reveals this may have been a CIA operation, utilizing the newly emerging field of computer viruses to get revenge on the Soviet Union for decades of espionage.