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Amazing Dogs

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In Smithsonian Channel's three-part series, "Amazing Dogs," biologist Patrick Aryee follows the twists and turns of the canine family tree, traveling from the Americas to Asia and Africa. He meets dangerous and wondrous wild dogs, including the Arctic fox, the maned wolf and the racoon dog. He also meets the fastest, strongest and most unusual-looking domestic dogs on the planet, including the Bankhar, the Saluki and the Inuit sled dog. Aryee studies these spectacularly varied creatures, from the wolf to the fox to the much-loved family pet, and discovers how dogs evolved to change the course of human history.

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Patrick Aryee travels to the Americas, where the first canines evolved more than 30 million years ago; he meets super-furry foxes, comes face to face with a pack of wolves and tracks down the tallest wild dog on the planet.
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Patrick Aryee meets the fastest, strongest and most unusual looking domestic dogs on the planet, all descended from the wild gray wolf; he meets the speedy Saluki in the deserts of the Middle East before heading north on a dog-sledding adventure.
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Patrick Aryee goes to Asia and Africa, following the canine's centuries-long journey across continents; he studies examples of canine cunning, from red foxes to raccoon dogs.

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