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In Gloucester, Mass., two crews fight to land tuna and keep their family businesses going through the winter; as the weather worsens, the stakes get higher for fishermen who are willing to risk everything to bring home a monster payday.

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It's man vs. nature as a perfect storm hits Gloucester; with time running out, Danny Jr. lands a jumbo tuna that may save his family's season.
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Capt. Johnny gets off to a hot start with a jumbo tuna, but everything changes when all fishing is shut down; to make up for lost time, the Subdivider and Julia Nicole gamble on new grounds.
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Eighteen-year-old Capt. Danny Smith Jr. makes his mark on the fleet with a massive tuna, but sparks fly when a veteran twice his age joins the crew; Capt Johnny Johnson's attempt to attract tuna results in a shark frenzy.
aired 11 days ago
Reeling from the recession, a group of fishermen travels to international waters to capitalize on lucrative fisheries.
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Two boats band together to hunt for giant bluefin tuna worth upwards of $20,000. Capt. Johnny fights through a shark frenzy to get off to a hot start and 18-year-old Capt. Danny lands a massive tuna, but sparks fly with a veteran twice his age joins the crew.

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Fishing for bluefin tuna is a way of life for many residents of Gloucester, Mass. "Wicked Tuna" takes viewers into the unrelenting North Atlantic waters infamously spotlighted by the novel-turned-feature film "The Perfect Storm," to follow captains who are relied upon by their families, their shipmates, and by Gloucester itself, to haul in boatloads of the large but elusive bluefin. The pressure to deliver is unforgiving -- the fishing season is short and tuna populations are dwindling -- but one "monstah" catch can reel in just as large of a payday.
When bluefin tuna season ends in Gloucester, Mass., it's just beginning in North Carolina's Outer Banks, a perfect opportunity to pit North vs. South in a pro fisherman contest for the ocean's most lucrative prey. Venturing south are the best crews from Gloucester to take on top local fleets in the treacherous Outer Banks, where the weather is more unpredictable than up north, and the seas can be extremely rough. The Gloucester rod-and-reel vets must master "greensticking" -- trolling artificial squid from a 30-foot fiberglass pole to lure the elusive species to the surface. Top-dollar bluefin can be worth as much as $20,000 each, but a short season and small government catch quota means explosive rivalries surface quickly.
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The "monsters" referenced in the title of this Discovery Channel series are bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic, and every fall, fishermen abandon their lobster-catching jobs for six weeks to pursue the most valuable fish in the sea. The series takes viewers inside the intense world of fishing for the elusive predator, which can measure up to 15 feet long, weigh 1,500 pounds and fetch more than $10,000 apiece. Each fisherman is allowed just one tag -- one chance to hit the jackpot -- a provision that helps keep the bluefin population healthy for generations to come.
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Ten of the world's top anglers compete in a series of unusual fishing challenges.
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Helping protect Alaska's ecosystem when millions of sockeye salmon migrate each year are commercial fishermen looking to reel in massive paydays. To preserve the environment and sustain the fisheries for future migrations, crews harvest up to 70 percent of the salmon during a four-week season. This series documents the drama on Bristol Bay, focusing on the work of five captains and their crews who best represent the 1,800 competitors angling for a potential fortune swimming just below the surface.
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Best friends Chris Owens, Brian Jill, Thad Robison and Jay Johnson go where no one has ventured before to fuel their passion for extreme fishing. To chase rumors of giant fish in untouched waters, the adventurers explore Earth's most remote, dangerous destinations, from glacial streams in Greenland to raging rapids in Borneo. The largely self-shot series allows viewers to trek alongside the foursome on their journeys, during which they meet and befriend locals, and trail some of the most remarkable, elusive fish in the world. In the end, the guys are bonded by one idea -- the only difference between an obstacle and an adventure is one's attitude.