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Four teams and their drones compete.

Latest episodes

aired 805 days ago
Dronebusters, Skyfliers, the Stratus and the Drone Dominators compete.
aired 806 days ago
Area 51, Stealth 2.2, Hornets and Master Hawks compete.
aired 807 days ago
The first four teams -- Hovering Hornets, Flying Scotsmen, Dronehawks and Girl Squad-Drone -- compete.
aired 808 days ago
Three Wing-Dads and one Wing-Granddad return to compete.
aired 812 days ago
The fighting isn't over yet; there are grudges to settle.
aired 813 days ago
The finalists compete in three airborne challenges.
aired 814 days ago
The aviators battle through three aerial challenges.
aired 815 days ago
Guy, Toby, Brandon and Phoebe return to the Airena.
aired 816 days ago
Shark Vader, the Black Wrens, Dragon Eye and Stealth all try to progress to the semi-finals.
aired 819 days ago
The contestants face the airsault course, dogfight and the barrage balloons.
aired 820 days ago
Red Zumbido, Avengedrone, Team Zephyr and Prop Breakers compete.
aired 821 days ago
Pieflyers, Team Ace, Team Shadow and Quadflight 101 compete.
aired 822 days ago
Q Rexx, Cheating Gravity, the Props and Shadow Vulture compete.

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