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The success of exploring the United States from the sky in "Aerial America" has inspired a version that takes viewers on a similar journey of Britain. Filmed from helicopters and drones outfitted with high-definition cameras, the series highlights four regions -- Northern and Southern England, Wales, and Scotland -- and features views of iconic landmarks, both natural and man-made, plus monuments off the beaten path. Included are explorations of England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike; the secret hideaways where Led Zeppelin and Queen made music history; and a tiny island that once held an illustrious prisoner, Mary Queen of Scots.

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Southern England is a region of engineering marvels, spiritual sites and the great city of London; it includes the headlands that gave birth to King Arthur, the town where Shakespeare strutted his stuff and the towers of London's financial district.
aired 7 days ago
Once the northern edge of the Roman Empire, Northern England is now home to the soccer Mecca of Manchester; it includes industrial cities as well as picturesque moorlands, lakes and dales, giving birth to Robin Hood, Dracula and The Beatles.
aired 7 days ago
Wales is a land of myth and majesty, of legendary kings and warrior rebels; it has hundreds of castles and the hideaways where Led Zeppelin and Queen changed music history; Wales bears the indelible marks of invasion but forges its own destiny.
aired 7 days ago
Scotland is a place of soaring peaks shrouded in mist and snow, rugged glens that have seen war and a tiny island that once held Mary, Queen of Scots; it's a land of heroes, such as freedom fighter William Wallace and the members of AC/DC.

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