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A Stitch in Time

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Fusing biography, art and the history of fashion, Amber Butchart explores the lives of historical figures through the clothes they wore.

Latest episodes

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Amber studies a 1783 portrait of French Queen Marie Antoinette in a loose-fitting garment and tries to understand the woman behind the legend.
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Amber is allowed to closely examine the heraldic surcoat of the Black Prince, eldest son of English King Edward III.
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Amber studies Dido Belle, the 18th-century daughter of an enslaved African woman brought up at Kenwood House in London.
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At Broughton Castle, Amber examines a full-size portrait of an 18th-century hedge cutter, a rare example of a worker being immortalized on canvas.
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Dutch painter Jan van Eyck's enigmatic Arnolfini portrait offers rich material for debating its meaning, including whether the female subject's voluminous gown indicates she was pregnant; Amber explores how wool was dyed in the 1400s.
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Following the Stuart Restoration, King Charles II tries to craft a public image that reinforces him as the rightful head of the nation while avoiding the extravagant displays that made his father unpopular.