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A Cabbie Abroad

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Cab driver Mason McQueen has accepted the challenge to drive a taxi in three very different cities.

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aired 1,142 days ago
Mason McQueen is headed for the palm-fringed islands of Fiji. As he joins the ranks of the island's capital, Suva and lives with his host Dharmendra Kumar, Mason soon discovers a very different Fiji to the tourist brochures.
aired 1,149 days ago
Mason McQueen is giving up his black taxi to work in one of the coldest and most remote inhabited cities on Earth. Known as the frontier city, Iqaluit sits on the edge of the Canadian Arctic.
aired 1,156 days ago
Mason arrives in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, where he will be getting to grips with a very different kind of cab: the tuk-tuk.

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