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Compelling interviews, inspiring stories and interactive prayer highlight this engaging program.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
After being abandoned by his abusive father, a young boy grows into a man addicted to drugs before finally finding a loving God.
aired 4 days ago
An act of kindness results in a 50-year friendship between coach Harold Jones and James "Radio" Kennedy, and a town in South Carolina is changed forever.
aired 7 days ago
Artist Selina Dominguez shares a spoken word about how there is hope in the message of the cross.
aired 8 days ago
In and out of prison and yearning for hope and love, Ryan finds both in God and becomes close friends with his former enemy.
aired 9 days ago
Former NFL running back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports and life, both professionally and personally.
aired 10 days ago
Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie becomes depressed, hopeless and feels like a mistake; he soon begins to see God's design for his life and realizes everyone is "fearfully and wonderfully made."
aired 11 days ago
A series of miracles saves a sky diver after he is nearly killed by a midair collision with another sky diver.
aired 14 days ago
After Cody Byrns' SUV is rear-ended by a truck and explodes, he survives with burns covering over half his body.
aired 15 days ago
Efrem Graham shares his top five entertainment stories.
aired 17 days ago
Josh Turner's baritone voice and long-standing country music success leads to his first gospel album, profiling time-tested and treasured hymns.
aired 18 days ago
After turning away from God at age 17, Stacie Taylor marries a very abusive man and miraculously escapes a life-threatening marriage.
aired 28 days ago
Johnny Baker, son of Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker, hides his alcohol addiction for years; his secret eventually leads him to Jesus.
aired 29 days ago
Efrem Graham reveals his top five trending stories from the entertainment world.
aired 30 days ago
When a man's adopted brother murders his mother, all he desires is revenge until he his able to forgive and become an American Ninja Warrior.
aired 31 days ago
Christian rapper Chang3 once saw God's love as unattainable, until messengers both divine and human taught him a lesson about God's love.
aired 32 days ago
A missionary doctor survives the deadly Ebola virus in 2015 and stays to serve the people of Liberia.
aired 35 days ago
Mariah Freeman tries every vice she can to dull the pain of mental illness; after a decade in and out of psych wards and rehabs, she says "yes" to Jesus and begins a transforming journey.
aired 36 days ago
The wife and son of the late Peter Pretorius discuss his 30-year ministry in Africa and the book he finished just before his death.
aired 37 days ago
Kerri Rawson discusses her life as a serial killer's daughter and forgiving her father, who was known as the BTK Strangler.
airs in 7 days
A boy who begins using opioids to feel good and be cool becomes a full-blown heroin addict by college; he attends a Christian rehab facility, where he encounters Jesus and surrenders his life and addictions.
aired 42 days ago
Faith and lifestyle blogger Kait Warman discusses her journey as a Christian single, and how she seeks to bring God glory in a hook-up culture.

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"The 700 Club" is a talk show featuring guests, news and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are often related to Bible passages. Fundamentalist preacher and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson hosts this long-running religious show.