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Compelling interviews, inspiring stories and interactive prayer highlight this engaging program.

Latest episodes

aired 14 days ago
A young woman finds out she has colon cancer and, a week later, learns she's pregnant.
aired 15 days ago
An accident left Dean Otto paralyzed from the waist down; the doctor gave him less than a two percent chance of walking again; he recovers and runs a half marathon with his doctor and the driver who hit him.
aired 16 days ago
Michael grew up with alcoholic parents and his father was abusive; when his mother went to jail, Michael turned to drugs and crime, but made a promise to God when an officer gave him a break.
aired 17 days ago
Sarah Myers grew up with a mom who chose drugs over parenthood; see how it took the loss of her own kids for Sarah to break the cycle.
aired 18 days ago
Author of "Your Highest Calling" Bill Hamon will discuss the secret ways to fulfill your destiny, to become like Jesus, and co-labor with Him forever.
aired 21 days ago
Abandoned by his father, a man's quest for affirmation leads him down a destructive path of drug addiction; until he finds acceptance from his heavenly father.
aired 22 days ago
A five-year-old with a brain hemorrhage the size of a golf ball; how prayers from around the world saved her.
aired 23 days ago
When childhood wounds drive her to a nervous breakdown, Shawnta cries out to Jesus for help.
aired 24 days ago
A young pastor shares his gut-wrenching faith journey of conquering tongue cancer to sing again.
aired 25 days ago
Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie becomes depressed, hopeless and feels like a mistake; he soon begins to see God's design for his life and realizes everyone is "fearfully and wonderfully made."
aired 28 days ago
Chris, Joy and Gizmo discover that anything is possible for someone who has faith.
aired 29 days ago
Three blind men who receive their sight, find out who their healer is as "Superbook" travels back in time.
aired 30 days ago
Journey with the "Superbook" gang from creation up to the birth of a very special child, Jesus.
aired 31 days ago
Journey from creation up to the birth of a very special child, Jesus.
aired 39 days ago
Author Jane Hamon explains how every believer can learn to discern the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit.
aired 42 days ago
Viral sensations Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett, aka The Singing Contractors share their amazing story.
aired 43 days ago
Professional skateboarder Ryan Ries shares his recovery from drugs, alcohol and addiction to pornography.
aired 44 days ago
Five-time Latin Grammy winner Rudy PĂ©rez discusses his struggle as a Cuban refugee and how music became his path to a new life of success and faith.
aired 45 days ago
Author and pastor Luke Lezon shares how a months-long mysterious illness took a devastating toll on his life and how God used it for good.
aired 46 days ago
Jessica Datsko discusses her surgery to remove a dangerous tumor from her skull, a miraculous healing, and CBN International's new show "Life-Changers."
aired 49 days ago
Courtney Smallbone, wife of For King & Country member Luke Smallbone, shares how a prescription for morning sickness turned into addiction.

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"The 700 Club," which first broadcast in 1966, is a newsmagazine featuring guests, news, music, testimonies and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are frequently related to Bible passages or deal with Christian lifestyle issues. Hosts of the long-running religious show include televangelist (and former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination) Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen and Gordon Robertson, son of Pat. News items of interest are delivered by anchor John Jessup.
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