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Compelling interviews, inspiring stories and interactive prayer highlight this engaging program.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
A near-fatal attack by an enraged grizzly bear leads Greg Matthews to an unexpected encounter with God.
aired 2 days ago
After a divine visitation, a woman is miraculously healed of bone cancer.
aired 5 days ago
After her "perfect life" crumbles under her son’s drug addiction, Nancy Chalmers learns how to be vulnerable with her Christian community and trust God with her children.
aired 6 days ago
Efrem Graham reviews the week’s top five stories from the entertainment world.
aired 7 days ago
Kris Olsen struggles with same-sex attraction most of her life, then finally finds freedom.
aired 8 days ago
Former police officer and Marine Ken Harrison discusses his desire to equip men to step into marriage, families, and work with new strength.
aired 9 days ago
A young woman considering abortion changes her mind, chooses life, and gives her baby up for adoption; her child grows up to be a powerful voice for the unborn.
aired 12 days ago
A young man loses his brother and turns to dealing drugs to mask his pain; facing a felony, he reaches out to a pastor for help and receives a life-changing opportunity.
aired 13 days ago
A 16-year-old is placed in solitary confinement after shooting and killing a rival gang member; while in prison, hate and rage disappear from his life.
aired 14 days ago
Rejected by her father and her husband, a woman seeks out meaning in her life through palm readers and voodoo before experiencing true meaning and purpose.
aired 15 days ago
Prayers from around the world help save a 5-year-old with a brain hemorrhage the size of a golf ball.
aired 16 days ago
A young pastor shares his gut-wrenching faith journey of conquering tongue cancer to sing again.
aired 19 days ago
Dr. Ian Smith discusses his book "Clean & Lean" and how to eat real food, stay active, and use intermittent fasting to stay healthy.
aired 20 days ago
Author and speaker Craig von Buseck shares the full story and truth behind the promises made and broken, and the prophetic fulfillment of the Jewish people returning to the land of Israel.
aired 21 days ago
Author and pastor Brandon Holt discusses his battle with opioid addiction, and how he lost his home and family before breaking the habit and being restored.
aired 22 days ago
Christian rapper Chang3 once saw God's love as unattainable, until messengers both divine and human taught him a lesson about God's love.
aired 23 days ago
A preacher's daughter turns from God when her father leaves; at her lowest point, as a stripper and prostitute, she finds God was with her all along.
aired 26 days ago
Alice Marie Johnson discusses being jailed for more than 20 years on nonviolent drug trafficking charges until her sentence was commuted by President Trump.
aired 27 days ago
Christian recording artist Josh Wilson discusses dealing with anxiety by trusting in Jesus.
aired 28 days ago
Reality TV stars Aly and Josh Taylor's faith gets them through hard times with cancer, infertility and depression.
aired 29 days ago
Actor Jonathan Adams ("Last Man Standing") discusses his Christian faith and life on-camera and at home.

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"The 700 Club" is a talk show featuring guests, news and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are often related to Bible passages. Fundamentalist preacher and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson hosts this long-running religious show.