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Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
Wife, mother, foodie, blogger and author Lisa Leake ("100 Days of Real Food") shares how her family went 100 days without eating a single ounce of processed food.
aired 4 days ago
Efrem Graham shares his top five stories from the entertainment world.
aired 5 days ago
A young woman with bleeding on her brain shares her miraculous story.
aired 6 days ago
When an addict and drug dealer who thinks he is invincible is left fighting for his life after an attack in prison, all his ex-wife can do is pray.
aired 7 days ago
Growing up amid her family's drug and gang activity, Grace abuses drugs and alcohol until an accident that should have claimed her life becomes the turning point for healing.
aired 10 days ago
Capt. Ron Johnson shares how his faith in God sustained him and brought healing to the community after the Ferguson riots following Michael Brown's death.
aired 11 days ago
Two brothers born with a rare, fatal, incurable genetic liver disorder are rescued from the brink of death.
aired 12 days ago
Bishop Joseph Walker; how to reach the masses with the Gospel through social media.
aired 13 days ago
Gilbert Gonzales grows up idolizing gang members and becomes a King Kobra member at the age of 16, only to later escape.
aired 14 days ago
Psychologist Ramona Probasco shares how she came out of an abusive marriage and received full healing in Christ.
aired 17 days ago
Abused by his father as a boy, a man addicted to alcohol and crack hears God speak to him in a dream.
aired 18 days ago
Jay Lowder considers suicide, but his attempt comes to an abrupt halt; learning what stopped him and how his life was forever changed.
aired 19 days ago
Journalist Dan Rather discusses the things that unite Americans, especially during the divided political times of today.
aired 20 days ago
A wife and mother of four sidelined by migraines for 14 years gets a supernatural healing.
aired 21 days ago
One family finds joy in the midst of sorrow and faith in the midst of loss.
aired 24 days ago
Tessa Afshar feels she is never quite enough and believes faith is a man-made thing.
aired 25 days ago
When parents discover that their son is a serial arsonist, their world is shattered; a prayer of surrender leads to a new beginning.
aired 26 days ago
Cortney Donelson thinks her husband can do no wrong; then, after 13 years of marriage, he confesses something that forever changes their relationship and their faith in God.
aired 27 days ago
Jared Emerson paints portraits of a number of celebrities, both Christian and secular, and seeks to express his faith in God through his artwork.
aired 28 days ago
A motorcycle accident at 70 mph leaves a man in a coma with severe brain damage; meanwhile, his family receives a divine message which leads to his miracle.
aired 31 days ago
Wilbur Zook went a year with unexplained back and hip pain and no lasting relief before finally turning to the only One he knew could heal him.

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"The 700 Club" is a talk show featuring guests, news and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are often related to Bible passages. Fundamentalist preacher and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson hosts this long-running religious show.