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7 Deadly Sins

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Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does a modern interpretation of an ancient topic in this documentary series. Spurlock unfurls the seven deadly sins -- lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride -- with stories that prove that fact is stranger than fiction. Each episode has a story about a sin that depicts people in a rare way. One report spotlights gluttony at a Las Vegas restaurant known as Heart Attack Grill. Spurlock, who hosts and produces, says that it is "as depraved as any scripted program," and he labels it nonfiction "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

Latest episodes

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A surgically implanted tongue patch prevents tasting food; a high-tech device allows couples to receive pleasure together while in separate places.
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A service matches admitted gold diggers with available, rich men; hunters pay people to bring potential kills to their own backyards; a pastor preaches avarice over affection.
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An adult star's breast implants threaten her life; dying people choose to be frozen, in hopes of future doctors being able to make them healthy.
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Fight club amateurs batter each other; men build a bullet that can turn one shot into a weapon of mass destruction.
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A young man prefers older women; a minister promotes prostitution; a craftsman specializes in sex toys fashioned after horses.
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Men want to be women temporarily; a young man uses a wheelchair because he envies the disabled; women treat dolls as the babies they want.
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A 700-pound woman wants to be a sexy entertainer; Heart Attack Grill offers free meals to people weighing over 350-pounds; coffins for the morbidly obese.

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"Deadly Sins" presents true stories of everyday individuals who are pushed beyond the limits of the law by the seven deadly sins -- wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Each episode navigates the twists and turns of two similarly sinful cases, piecing together their conclusions along the way with the aid of re-enactments and suspenseful storytelling. Guiding viewers through these deadly deeds is attorney Darren Kavinoky, a criminal behavior expert who provides professional insight and legal expertise in his analysis of each case.