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Unprecedented documentary series featuring sports films from today's finest directors.

Latest episodes

aired 105 days ago
The Mets became too good to be true with the addition of Sidd Finch and his 168 mph fastball.
aired 108 days ago
Mack Beggs, a transgender wrestler from Euless, Texas, struggles against the outside forces that stigmatize transgender athletes.
aired 430 days ago
The story of Joy Johnson, a remarkable woman who took up running at the age of 59 and went on to run 25 New York City Marathons, the last in 2013 at the age of 86.
aired 622 days ago
Explores the sports psychology and mental training that helped Felix Baumgartner to jump from the Earth's stratosphere.
aired 675 days ago
A look at 1983 New York Giant draft pick John Tuggle; Johnnie Ashe talk about a personal sacrifice he made to allow his brother Arthur to continue his budding tennis career.
aired 689 days ago
Victoria Arlen spent nearly four years "locked" inside of her own body from a rare condition. Victoria, her family and coach talk about her remarkable story and hard work that led to her recovery.
aired 851 days ago
Unprecedented documentary series featuring sports films from today's finest directors.
aired 865 days ago
How U.S. Marshals lured fugitives with NFL tickets.
aired 887 days ago
The story of Zaevion Dobson, the high school football player who was killed while shielding three girls from gunfire in 2015.
aired 962 days ago
In 2001, amid controversy, Danny Almonte and his baseball team are disqualified from the Little League World Series.
aired 962 days ago
How Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida; Reggie Ho, a walk-on player for Notre Dame football.
aired 962 days ago
A profile of Reggie Ho, one of the smallest players in a major college football program, who walked on at Notre Dame as a pre-med student and played for the love of the game.
aired 962 days ago
The 1976 fight between Ali and Norton should have been remembered for what happened in the ring, but was tainted by behind the scenes chaos.
aired 964 days ago
The wild cocaine era in baseball and subsequent criminal trials scandalized America's pastime and tainted some of its biggest stars decades before steroids.
aired 1,039 days ago
President George W. Bush throws out the ceremonial first pitch to open Game 3 of the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium, just seven weeks after the September 11 attacks.
aired 1,113 days ago
The inside story behind the gesture most associated with celebration in sports; how a mom-and-pop team was given the daunting and thankless job of MLB scheduling.
aired 1,117 days ago
A profile of former Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose, a larger-than-life character worthy of a motion picture.
aired 1,118 days ago
The 1984 San Francisco Giants were dreadful. The abuse their Crazy Crab mascot endured was even worse.
aired 1,129 days ago
Unprecedented documentary series featuring sports films from today's finest directors.
aired 1,131 days ago
Most people consider the Vikings' trade for Herschel Walker among the worst ever made, except for Jimmy Johnson, he'd say it's the best.
aired 1,143 days ago
Former NBA center Shawn Bradley remembered for being one of the tallest players and being on the wrong end of a lot of dunks; from 1979 to 1986, Berry Bremen posed as a player and official.

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As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, ESPN looks back at notable sports happenings that occurred from 1979 to 2009 with this documentary series featuring 30 films from some of Hollywood's finest directors and producers. Peter Berg, Barry Levinson, John Singleton, Spike Jonze, Dan Klores, Barbara Kopple, Ron Shelton and Albert Maysles are among the filmmakers involved, and the stories told include the shocking trade of Wayne Gretzky in 1988, the Baltimore Colts' nighttime move in 1984, Reggie Miller's rivalry with the New York Knicks, the death of Len Bias in 1986, a profile of George Steinbrenner and his family business, and a look at Michael Jordan's attempt at a baseball career. A new series of 30 films premiered in October 2012 with "Broke," about the challenges athletes face in managing their money.