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Unprecedented documentary series featuring sports films from today's finest directors.

Latest episodes

aired 38 days ago
The story of Zaevion Dobson, the high school football player who was killed while shielding three girls from gunfire in 2015.
aired 87 days ago
In 2001, amid controversy, Danny Almonte and his baseball team are disqualified from the Little League World Series.
aired 87 days ago
How Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida; Reggie Ho, a walk-on player for Notre Dame football.
aired 87 days ago
A profile of Reggie Ho, one of the smallest players in a major college football program, who walked on at Notre Dame as a pre-med student and played for the love of the game.
aired 87 days ago
The 1976 fight between Ali and Norton should have been remembered for what happened in the ring, but was tainted by behind the scenes chaos.
aired 89 days ago
The wild cocaine era in baseball and subsequent criminal trials scandalized America's pastime and tainted some of its biggest stars decades before steroids.
aired 164 days ago
President George W. Bush throws out the ceremonial first pitch to open Game 3 of the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium, just seven weeks after the September 11 attacks.
aired 242 days ago
The 1984 San Francisco Giants were dreadful. The abuse their Crazy Crab mascot endured was even worse.
aired 237 days ago
The inside story behind the gesture most associated with celebration in sports; how a mom-and-pop team was given the daunting and thankless job of MLB scheduling.
aired 241 days ago
A profile of former Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose, a larger-than-life character worthy of a motion picture.
aired 254 days ago
Unprecedented documentary series featuring sports films from today's finest directors.
aired 255 days ago
Most people consider the Vikings' trade for Herschel Walker among the worst ever made, except for Jimmy Johnson, he'd say it's the best.
aired 267 days ago
Former NBA center Shawn Bradley remembered for being one of the tallest players and being on the wrong end of a lot of dunks; from 1979 to 1986, Berry Bremen posed as a player and official.
aired 272 days ago
Moe Berg's post-baseball career included a top-secret mission and a license to kill.
aired 275 days ago
The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox pursue Alex Rodriguez.
aired 291 days ago
All-time hit leader Pete Rose sells his memorabilia in Las Vegas; a look at the T206 Honus Wagner, the most famous baseball card in the world.
aired 307 days ago
The Mets became too good to be true with the addition of Sidd Finch and his 168 mph fastball.
aired 320 days ago
In 1977, Marquette coach Al McGuire let star player, Bo Ellis, design the team's uniforms; by day, Wilt Chamberlain was a bellhop at the posh Kutshers Country Club, but at night he played basketball for the resorts AD, Red Auerbach.
aired 322 days ago
The death toll would have been higher at the Atlanta Summer Olympics if not for security guard Richard Jewell, who hours after his heroism was called a murderer.
aired 334 days ago
What happens when a super fan becomes a talisman of good luck for your team, but then he has to go home to South Korea?
aired 335 days ago
The 1989 Princeton Tigers gave the Georgetown Hoyas everything they could, in a game that would forever change March Madness.
VOD available
The life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, whose attempts to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities eventually led to the Special Olympics movement.
airs in 10 days
How U.S. Marshals lured fugitives with NFL tickets.

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