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Latest episodes

aired 258 days ago
Sixteen-year-old Selena Stoian is left to piece together what went wrong with her family in such a short period of time when she finds her mother, Maria, dead and father, Stefan, missing.
aired 258 days ago
A trail of death follows a couple intertwined in love, secrets and partnership; dark and mysterious questions loom after a new life begins thanks to a stolen identity.
aired 267 days ago
Bob Angleton, a bookie and police informant, is twice charged with killing his wife in a Texas tale of double crosses, adultery, blackmail, and murder.
aired 269 days ago
A socialite is murdered in Memphis, Tenn., leading investigators to question suspects who have become ensnared in a tangled web of money, drugs and revenge, but the answers to this mystery may lie closer to the crime scene.
aired 269 days ago
In Kirkwood, Mo., Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton declares war on city hall, killing two police officers and four city officials, including the mayor.
aired 275 days ago
Millionaire Marjorie Nugent is found dead in her freezer.
aired 276 days ago
In Canyon Lake, Calif., a serial killer targets women, then the killer is finally caught, and no one can believe the face or motives behind the cold-blooded murders.
aired 280 days ago
After Laura Miller vanishes, police find her remains along a Texas highway where more than 24 other young women have turned up dead for over three decades.
aired 281 days ago
The terrifying and macabre story of Kraig Kahler who killed his family a few days after Thanksgiving in 2009.
aired 288 days ago
Fishermen make a gruesome discovery in the Florida Everglades, unleashing a mystery about a woman, a mobster and a murder.
aired 294 days ago
In Bloomington, Ill., a woman and her three children are murdered; authorities delve into the mystery of who committed this heinous crime which points close to home, but all is not as it appears.
aired 300 days ago
In Syracuse, N.Y., Jeff Cahill beats his wife, Jill, to within an inch of her life with an aluminum bat, then he sneaks into her hospital room and murders her.
aired 302 days ago
Sharon Marshall dies in a suspicious hit-and-run accident, leading investigators to uncover a sordid tale of kidnapping, child abuse, murder, and false identities.
aired 315 days ago
A young woman who has good looks, brains and talent is found murdered, leading to the discovery that she has been leading a double life.
aired 408 days ago
A young woman is found beaten to death. Her coworker is found bound and bleeding. Detectives begin hunting for two masked men described by the sole survivor. But the evidence takes the investigation down an unexpected path.
aired 443 days ago
Dr. Amy Bishop shoots and kills three of her colleagues after being denied tenure, then investigators learn Bishop killed her brother with a shotgun 24 years prior, prompting many to ask if the tragic deaths could have been avoided.

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