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Dig beneath the headlines to reveal the whole story and search for the truth and justice for the victums.

Latest episodes

aired 16 days ago
Kerri Rawson discusses her experience growing up as the daughter of serial killer Dennis Rader, who went by the name of "BTK" and terrorized the Wichita, Kan., community.
aired 38 days ago
Two brothers grow up in the shadow of Yosemite National Park; one, a victim of crime, becomes a national hero; the other, in the shadows, harbors feelings of rage that erupt in murderous violence and make him famous for a far darker reason.
aired 142 days ago
Stacey Castor loses not one but two husbands; then someone leaves a suicide note claiming responsibility for their deaths; a woman and her daughter are pitted against each other as jurors struggle to determine who is telling the truth.
aired 262 days ago
In 1993, Lorena Bobbitt shocks the nation by cutting off her husband's penis; now, interviews with John Bobbitt and others provide new details in the case that put the subject of domestic abuse front and center.
aired 377 days ago
Actor Robert Blake ("Baretta") is accused of murdering his second wife, Bonny Lee, who is found dead in their car from a gunshot wound to the head, instigating a media frenzy and a sensational trial.
aired 413 days ago
In 1989, five teenagers are convicted of attacking a jogger in New York's Central Park; 13 years later, someone else confesses to the rape, and the young men's convictions are overturned, but, for those involved, the story isn't over.
aired 464 days ago
Ostensibly, Ted Bundy is a handsome, charming man, but, in reality, he is a serial killer whose cross-country killing spree claims the lives of at least 30 women; featuring interviews with people who knew Bundy as well as his own taped confession.