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Latest episodes

aired 405 days ago
Melissa Dohme walks away from an abusive relationship with high-school sweetheart Robert Burton, then he asks for one last hug and stabs her 32 times leaving her for dead; Dohme is saved by two strangers and an indomitable will to survive.
aired 426 days ago
After meeting online, a couple has a perfect first date and a promising future; however, when she gets cold feet, he decides to exact a violent revenge, and she's not the only woman he plans to murder.
aired 440 days ago
He claims to be Jesus Christ in the flesh, but Lindsay Tornambe says Victor Barnard is a manipulative cult leader who rapes teenage girls; a story unfolds about a young woman's escape, an international manhunt and, finally, justice.
aired 447 days ago
A bomb-wielding man holds 10 people hostage; unbeknownst to him, one of his hostages is a sheriff's officer who is armed with a gun.
aired 454 days ago
A kidnapper abducts a woman from her apartment and forces her into her car, saying he's going to rape and kill her; a battle of wits, a heart-pounding chase and a struggle for a gun show she has other plans.
aired 475 days ago
A gunman holds a maternity ward hostage, seeking the doctor who performed a tubal ligation surgery on his wife two years earlier.