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12 oz. Mouse

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Part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, "12 oz. Mouse" follows the animated adventures of Mouse Fitzgerald, an unapologetic drunken mouse with a background in espionage and a complete lack of memory. Fitz, as he is called, performs odd jobs, often with the help of his sidekick, a chinchilla named Skillet, as he tries to regain his memory.

Latest episodes

aired 279 days ago
After a space-farmer discovers his parent's demise, he comes upon a fictional and robed warrior that helps him discover his inner strength in order to defeat a man in black.
aired 281 days ago
aired 281 days ago
Golden Joe doesn't want to take an IQ test.
aired 281 days ago
The New Guy is dating an older man.
aired 283 days ago
Roostre finds a bag of money in an alley.
aired 284 days ago
Skillet is forced to participate in something he doesn't want to.
aired 285 days ago
Mouse's friends try to raise bail money to get him out of jail.
aired 288 days ago
Producer Man wants to get Mouse a birthday present.
aired 289 days ago
The Eye has a nervous breakdown.
aired 290 days ago
Mouse starts dating a new girl.
aired 291 days ago
Shark gets angry.
aired 292 days ago
Mouse appears in a commercial for a health tonic.
aired 297 days ago
A city official comes to the housing projects.
aired 298 days ago
Poncho gets Senior Status even though he failed all of his classes.
aired 299 days ago
Fitz takes down The New Guy with a rocket-powered skateboard and helps Skillet and the rest escape the shack.
aired 300 days ago
Fitz travels to the corn dog farm, taking Roostre, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop captive; he has another flashback in which his wife encounters the Shadowy Figure.
aired 303 days ago
Shark threatens Fitz; Shark introduces Fitz to Pronto, the deadly archer.
aired 304 days ago
A giant spider appears in Fitz's house and it weaves an arrow in its web; Fitz and Skillet break into a music store and rock out.
aired 305 days ago
Fitz is experiencing mysterious dreams about his past; Skillet brings a package containing a homing corn dog.
aired 306 days ago
Fitz has a new job; he is to help Eye, a giant eye, get $50 million owed to him by the magical Golden Joe.
aired 307 days ago
Shark hires Mouse Fitzgerald for a job and his first task is to transport a Rectangular Businessman to an important meeting; Fitz fails his assignment.