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Wonders of the Solar System

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This co-production of the BBC and the Science Channel is hosted by physicist Brian Cox ("Wonders of the Universe"), who is fascinated by the wonders of our planet and the laws of nature that created them. In this five-part series he travels the globe to examine some of the most compelling phenomena, demonstrating the power of the sun as he watches a total solar eclipse in India and the Aurora Borealis in Norway. In addition to the breathtaking footage, viewers can learn about the power of the forces of nature and their impact on the planet in this Peabody Award-winning documentary series.

Latest episodes

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After Brian explores the bottom of the ocean, he looks to the Solar System to see if there might be other worlds that could harbor life.
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Brian examines the universal laws of nature; planet size can make a difference between life and death.
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Brian reveals how the atmosphere can create most of the wonderful sights in the solar system.
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How Earth's cosmic backyard emerged from chaotic clouds of gas; two extraordinary wonders on Earth.
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Brian explores the sun's rule over every world in the solar system.

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