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Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

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People are given the opportunity to become real-life superheroes.

Latest episodes

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The final two contestants converse with Stan; the contestants are sent to stunt school; the winner is chosen.
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The superheroes are judged by children; the contestants must locate the Super Villain in a crowded outdoor mall.
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Stan sends the superheroes out into the real world to uphold the law; a contestant is eliminated after the Dark Enforcer reveals some information.
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Stan tests the ability of the contestants to keep their true identity a secret; the contestants must walk across a plank while blindfolded.
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Tempers flare when the superheroes reveal their true feelings about each other; the contestants must face snarling attack dogs.
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In a morality test, a spy determines which of the superheroes is truly pure of heart.

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Stan Lee, the man who co-created such legendary comic book characters as Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, searches for some real superhumans, people who are gifted with remarkable abilities because of their genetic differences. Lee is joined by co-host Daniel Browning Smith, dubbed the world's most flexible man.
Cosplay -- the practice of dressing up as characters from movies, books or video games -- is a popular activity in the sci-fi community. People transform themselves into pop culture-inspired creations, often with an emphasis on anime characters. Usually, it's just for fun and playful contests, but on "Cosplay Melee," the perfect costume can be worth $10,000 to a cosplayer. Each episode sees four contestants creating full costumes and character origin stories, then hitting the runway in an attempt to impress the judges, who are world-class cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp and costume creator Christian Beckman, by looking -- and acting -- the part. Whoever the judges feel most embodies the character is proclaimed the winner and earns the grand prize. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown ("Community") hosts the show that Syfy says compares to reality show "Face Off" but "with a triple dose of adrenaline."
A competition series explores the work of special-effects makeup artists.
Candidates vie to land a job with Donald Trump.
"Face Off" puts on its game face in this spinoff of Syfy's popular makeup artists competition series. It features former "Face Off" all-stars matching skills in head-to-head battles, with multiple reveals and eliminations culminating in a grand prize winner. On each episode, four artists race to complete three challenges. A competitor is sent home after each challenge, and after three rounds, the artist left standing is awarded $10,000. McKenzie Westmore hosts, while Academy Award winners Ve Neill and Rick Baker serve as judges. A rotating cast of guest judges also are featured.
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Aspiring designers compete to win their own television series.
Aspiring artists compete to bring their wildest beast to life.