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Walking With Dinosaurs

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Dazzling computer animation highlights this six-hour "speculative documentary" following the lives of dinosaurs from their beginning to their zenith -- and their eventual decline during the Cretaceous period. The computer-generated imagery and animatronics used in the series show dinosaurs in a way you would expect to see in a feature film.

Latest episodes

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Dinosaurs are extinguished by an asteroid in prehistoric Idaho.
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Dinosaurs thrived during springtime when ferns and evergreens reappeared in the polar forest.
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With wings longer than those of a small plane, pterosaurs were the largest creatures ever known to have flown.
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Large marine reptiles command the seas during the late Jurassic period.
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The Jurassic period saw the advent of the largest and strongest dinosaurs that ever roamed the Earth.
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The life of the first reptilian carnivores on Earth, told through computer animation.

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