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Walking With Beasts

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Using a unique blend of natural history stories and computer graphics to recreate an extinct world.

Latest episodes

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A pregnant basilosaurus, an 18-meter, carnivorous whale which lives in the Tethys Sea, is forced to kill the young of a smaller whale to ensure the survival of her unborn calf.
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The beginnings of mankind can be traced back 3.2 million years to Ethiopia and the advent of Australopithecus, a type of ape which, like humans, was bipedal; these early members of the human family faced many dangers, including the sabre-toothed cat.
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Revealing the exotic, oversized creatures that inhabited South America one million years ago, such as the deadly smilodon, the largest of all sabre tooth cats.
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In the depths of the Ice Age while a group of mammoths are traveling south on a dangerous journey across the Alps many become trapped in bogs or fall to predators, but the biggest dangers are awaiting their return journey through the Netherlands.
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Going back 25 million years to the time of the indricothere, which was the largest mammal ever to live on dry land, being seven metres high and weighing 15 tons; the only threat to an adult would have been the hyaenadon which was the size of a rhino.
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Special effects filled documentary beginning 49 million years ago; the world is heavily forested and birds rule the planet, preying on small mammals; whales have not yet evolved and their ancestors walk on the land.

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