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Trash vs. Treasure

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Re-imagining sleeping spaces by using what already exists, while improving it with found, purchased and used items on a budget; Victoria and the client work towards a great reveal.

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Keisha lives in a two room house built decades ago with no running water; both rooms are bedrooms and a mud room has been turned in to a cooking space; she is looking to improve her home for her children's well-being.
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Angel, a single Latina mother of five children. is in recovery and is a domestic abuse survivor; she lives in a one-room apartment and works six days a week to create a healthy home; she is looking for creative ways to maximize her family's space.
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Mrs. Holbert, a great-grandmother and a celebrated foster parent, shares her home with up to nine people at any given time, including three adopted grandchildren; she needs help organizing bedrooms and reimagining sleeping space.