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The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman

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Meeting people from all cultures whose lives are shaped by different fundamental forces.

Latest episodes

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At a time when the whole world seems to be polarizing into irreconcilable camps, Freeman sets out on a journey in search of the forces that push us apart, from intolerance of differences to fear of outsiders, and the possibilities of coming together.
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Freeman's quest to understand what makes a rebellion successful brings him face-to-face with exiles, whistleblowers, hackers and movement leaders; he sees the courage, dedication, hard work and hope that it takes to try to change the world.
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A U.S. president explains the challenges of making decisions that affect hundreds of millions of lives; an African woman has created a society without men; exploring how the rise of the Internet may fundamentally change how democracy works.
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Morgan Freeman travels the world in search of greater insight into the concept of freedom.
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Morgan Freeman travels the world to study the cycles of war and peace.
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A stylist from London encourages people to perform small acts of kindness through a social incentive.