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The Story of Europe With Historian Dr. Christopher Clark

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Exploring the different chapters in the history of Europe.

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After the Iron Curtain falls in 1989, the dream of a Europe united in peace seems within reach, but soon nationalism begins to re-emerge.
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In the late 18th century, a new idea of Europe emerges based on common values: freedom, equality and fraternalism.
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Starting with the ancient Greeks, Europe produces a number of smart and creative minds.
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On behalf of Spain, Christopher Columbus seeks a new sea route to India and instead finds the New World, triggering European conquests around the globe.
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Europe has been shaped by many beliefs and ideas which originated in the Middle East, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
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The continent's history is traced back to ancient Crete and the founding myth to which it owes its name: the kidnapping of Princess Europa by the Greek god Zeus.

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