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The McCarthys

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Ronny McCarthy wants nothing more than to move away from his sports-crazed Boston family and hit the singles scene in search of a partner, but when his politically incorrect, outspoken father taps him to be the high-school assistant basketball coach instead of his more-athletic -- and straight -- siblings, he is touched by the gesture and rethinks his plans. With a new perspective, Ronny decides to embark on a different path, and he can be sure his tight-knit family will have plenty to say about it.

Latest episodes

aired 708 days ago
After meeting his boyfriend's affectionate family, Ronny encourages his family to share their feelings; Ronny makes a video for Arthur and Marjorie's anniversary.
aired 709 days ago
When Ronny contemplates moving away from his close-knit family, his father offers him a job as assistant basketball coach.
aired 709 days ago
The McCarthy children are sent into a frenzy as they each try to prove they are responsible and the most qualified to be named the executor of their parents' will.
aired 709 days ago
When Ronny's family finds out that he sees a therapist, they end up crashing his appointment and airing their grievances.
aired 722 days ago
The McCarthys realize they have become very co-dependent, compelling them to make a bet; Jackie tries to conceal her pregnancy while on a date.
aired 723 days ago
Marjorie is forced to bond with her future daughter-in-law, Katrina, when Gerard misses their engagement party; Sean gets acquainted with Katrina's mother (Jean Smart).
aired 723 days ago
Ronny starts dating Doug, an attractive referee who has a history of making Arthur furious; Gerard's suspicious behavior makes Katrina worry he is cheating.
aired 723 days ago
Marjorie tries to make Gerard think he was inducted into the high school hall of fame; Ronny and Arthur write a speech.
aired 729 days ago
When Marjorie's extremely competitive sister, Eileen, comes to visit, their rivalry gets the best of them.
aired 730 days ago
Marjorie invites her heartbroken upstairs tenant, Pam (Alyson Hannigan), to celebrate Christmas with the family -- and observe their competitive gift exchange game.
aired 730 days ago
When Marjorie must spend the night at the hospital, she prepares a care package for Arthur -- along with instructions for basic life skills.
aired 730 days ago
After learning that Jackie's ex-boyfriend is gay, Marjorie tries to set him up with Ronny; Sean's gift to Gerard disappoints everyone but Marjorie.
aired 737 days ago
On Thanksgiving, the McCarthys work together to manipulate Gerard into parting ways with his offensive girlfriend (Jessica St. Clair).
aired 737 days ago
The family tries to support Jackie when her doctor gives her a list of things she cannot do while pregnant.
aired 737 days ago
Gerard and Sean end up competing against each other after applying for other coaching jobs; a jealous Marjorie thinks Ronny has a boyfriend.

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